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  • 1-on-1 with Mark Saunders: Equipment and tips to get started

1-on-1 with Mark Saunders: Equipment and tips to get started

/ Nitesh Dutt

Part two of our blog series with Mark Saunders is about getting started and the equipment you need and tips every beginner should know. 

5 tips to help you easily create a virtual home tour

The Saunders Realty, LLC Founder and CEO sat down with our Tuesday Tips & Tricks team to discuss how he uses video in his business.

Watch the full interview here:



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As someone who describes themselves as “thrifty”, you can only imagine how much Saunders tries not to use high-end, professional equipment that usually costs an arm and a leg.

“I still do a lot of videos directly from my cell phone,” a fan of making do with what you have, Saunders believes in using what you have. “No one needs to go out and spend a lot of money on a bunch of equipment. Use good lighting, your cell phone, a selfie stick that’s sort of stable and you can grow from that.”

Even when you can buy more equipment, Saunders believes “you really do not need to spend a lot of money to start making videos.” 

Whether it’s a selfie stick or DSLR, getting started and making content will set you apart. 

Saunders also believes in using the tools provided to make videos that stand-out and are memorable. He’s a fan of WeVideo’s green screen feature and his use of it is what initially caught our eye. He created his own how-to that you can watch below.



Be sure to check out Mark’s YouTube channel.

“I used to use Final Cut and it was really hard,” WeVideo’s ease of use was important to Mark. “I’m not a video person, I’m a realtor. When I came across the green screen feature and it worked really well in your software. That was the point for me and I wanted to switch.”

When talking about other features, templates were a favorite of Saunders. 

“You can create a Just Listed video but save that as a template and now 80% of the video is done. You just have to drop in your video file and run with it.”

How to update and create templates

This is part two of a three-part blog series that stems from an interview done with Mark Saunders. In the finale, we’ll discuss embracing video and email marketing tips for realtors.