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  • 1-on-1 with Mark Saunders: Embracing video and email marketing tips

1-on-1 with Mark Saunders: Embracing video and email marketing tips

/ Nitesh Dutt

The finale of our blog series with Mark Saunders focuses on embracing video and email marketing tips plus the benefits of transcribing for SEO. 

5 tips to help you easily create a virtual home tour

The Saunders Realty, LLC Founder and CEO sat down with our Tuesday Tips & Tricks team to discuss the important role video plays in his business.

Watch the full interview here:


You can read parts 1 and 2 for more real estate marketing tips, here and here.

Creativity and the urge to create can come from different sources for everyone. For Saunders, it came from a desire to cut down on the work he had to do. 

“I just got tired of explaining stuff over and over again,” instead of repeating himself, Saunders leaned on video. “I’m a big fan of using technology to make your business run quicker, smoother, more efficient and video is a great way to do it.”

There was one problem though. How would he get this new content to clients? Sure, there’s the occasional YouTube or Vimeo link but for Saunders, there was an even quicker workaround.

“When I go to compose an email because I use a program like BombBomb, I’m able to just click a button down on the bottom and I can do a live video directly to a client that signs up.”



Adding video to your emails is a great way to build trust with clients and market yourself. Not only is it quick and easy, but it puts a face and voice to your brand. 

“When they get my email, they see me moving and talking. They have a face to the name. It’s just a lot better connection. And for me, it’s just easier to shoot across in quick emails to respond to questions.” 

It’s less time-consuming than writing out a full explanation and providing paperwork that could take clients hours to understand. It cuts down on emails going back and forth while providing a step-by-step process of what is needed. 

Mark has even more real estate video marketing tips on his own YouTube, here. If you're a realtor that wants to find out how to expand your business with technology, check out REB Academy to learn more.