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Video newsletter: Empowering student voices this Fall (September 2019)

/ Kristen Sato



This month, students in over 150 countries led theGlobal Climate Strike, an international movement calling for immediate action to save our planet and our future. Here at WeVideo, one of the most important parts of our mission is to empower every learner to express themselves authentically and make an impact in their world.

We’re inspired by student advocacy taking place in current events, and want to hear your thoughts. Are conversations about climate change happening in your classroom? How are you encouraging your students to use their voice to make a difference? Tag us on social media (@WeVideo) and share your story. 

And now that fall is officially here, how are you settling into the new school year? Maybe you’re prepping for parent-teacher conferences, planning new projects for your classroom, or brainstorming creative ways to engage your students. If you’re looking for fresh ideas to add to your classroom curriculum this month, we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget to snag a copy of our free digital storytelling toolkit.

Video creation is a powerful way for students to express their ideas with authenticity and creativity. The process of creating a video involves all of the four C’s essential to today’s learning environment: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Plus, it makes learning fun! Hear from real students on why they love making videos in their classrooms. Need a little inspiration for your own class? Try this project: video journals!

If you’re new to WeVideo, now is a great time to catch up on our Academy videos to learn how to set up your account, add users and media, and more.