Video-Editing Across Borders

August 11, 2016 / By

As many students have experienced, studying for an exam can be very challenging with distractions everywhere. Melissa and Alia decided to put the various modes of procrastination into a song they later wanted to make a music video of. There was just one problem; one of them were traveling in Asia, while the other one stayed in Boston. They chose Wevideo because it was the only solution that let them work at the video together, even though they were located in two different continents!
On our of many late nights studying in our Masters program at Harvard Divinity School, we (Alia Braley and Melissa Rudd) would often entertain ourselves by singing music together.
One night, approaching finals time, we were talking about the various modes of procrastination we would soon be engaging in, and one of us mentioned Facebook. Somehow, we had The Sound of Silence in our heads, and we turned our musing about Facebook into a parody of the first line: “Hello Facebook, my old friend, I’ve come to stalk with you again.”
It would have ended there, but in the coming days, as finals time approached, we continued to seek creative methods to procrastinate. We decided that this line could be the start of a funny parody song, and night after night, we interspersed study with brainstorming, until we had composed an entire song parodying the lyrics to The Sound of Silence. Appropriately, given the time of year, we named it The Time of Finals.

We performed this song for friends and were encouraged by their reactions. Many asked us to make a music video, which we thought would be a fun idea, even though we had minimal prior filming or editing experience. So shortly after graduating, we gathered a group of friends and briefly invaded Harvard’s Lamont Library for a filming session. Just days after this, Melissa left for a year in Taiwan, while Alia remained in Cambridge. While we were excited to make our music video, we weren’t sure it would be possible working literally from opposite sides of the world.
We did some research, and chose to use WeVideo because it allowed us to make our music video while one of us was in Boston and the other in Taiwan.  It was great to be able to upload content from both of our machines and take turns editing and reviewing changes.  It was also really easy to start with it because we started with the free version to make sure that it worked.  We could have produced a great video with the free version but it turned out that our music video was over five minutes and upgrading was very reasonably priced.  
Once we upgraded we were really excited to use the new features such as animations.  These turned the video from “wow you made that?” To “wow you seriously made that – how???”  Although neither of us is a video or audio engineer,  WeVideo was intuitive to use, and we were able to easily overlay multiple audio tracks on multiple video tracks to produce great effects.  We used the animate text function to make our song lyrics scroll across the screen in a sing-along fashion.  This added to the humor of our video, because it is a parody; in some cases people wouldn’t have been able to tell otherwise that we had replaced the lyrics with funny alternate lyrics.
The software also integrated easily with our YouTube account without our needing to take any extra steps or conversions.  It was all automatic.  A lot of other features allowed us to make our video even funnier – we were able to zoom in on still images when we had a punchy point to make or send images dancing around the screen for a melodramatic effect.  
Overall we would definitely use WeVideo again for our next music video; next time one of us will be in California and the other one will likely still be in Cambridge (or God knows where).  We still have all our old clips we can use on the site and will be adding more to start new projects.  WeVideo is a super low-cost and high quality-video producing platform for people who don’t usually produce videos, and it was just what we needed to produce ours!!

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