Make remote learning easier with these templates

/ Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad

Rather than starting with a blank timeline, templates provide the option to work from a pre-made foundation that guides students and teachers through creating a video for a lesson or project. It provides a framework for projects with WeVideo's video editor, without limiting creativity and potential for demonstrating learning. 

Below are some templates that can a great springboard for remote learning.

Book Report


The book report template is designed to support students in structuring the elements of a book report (setting, characters, tone, reflection) into a video while simultaneously encouraging them to develop their communication skills through storytelling with music, and timing elements to create the right mood and impact. The template includes embedded tips to guide students through the process.


Read Aloud


The read aloud template is designed to support teachers as they create opportunities to engage their students in meaningful book conversations, model the internal dialogue that happens while reading, deepen understanding and creativity, and foster a love of books and learning.


Scientific Method


The scientific method template was designed to give students the ability to show the process and results of their experiments in a powerful way, using the video editor to interweave text, images, video, voice, and music.


Word Problem


This template supports students in making their thinking visible. One example is by solving the word problem on a digital whiteboard. And then using the screencasting feature in WeVideo to show a student’s solution path. 


Q and A Vlog


Q&A videos are a super popular video format on YouTube. This template can be used as a fun way to get to know someone, share useful information, and provide a creative medium to virtually interview an expert. You could apply this to format to any subject.


Stop Motion


This template is designed to help students learn about concepts that involve processes and progressions, anything concept that can be articulated by including an element of movement to explain how it works. Stop motion is an engaging form of storytelling and can be used in any subject. 


How-To Tutorial 


This template is designed to support both teachers and students! Use the power of video creation to teach others how to do something.


For more resources and inspiration, check out the Ideas Hub.