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New in EDU: Send WeVideo Projects Directly to PlayPosit!

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Exciting news, educators! We’ve just released an update that will make it easier for you to take advantage of PlayPosit’s learner-centric tools in your classroom. 

You can now send projects directly from WeVideo to PlayPosit! We’re very excited about this first step towards fully integrating WeVideo and PlayPosit.

Watch the quick video above to see how it’s done, or read the quick steps below.

How to send WeVideo projects to PlayPosit

To turn any WeVideo project into a tool for interactive assessment and feedback, it’s as simple as this:

  1. Record and edit your video in WeVideo like you normally would.
  2. Export your video.
  3. Under the Projects tab, hover over your video and click Preview Exports.
  4. Just beneath the video player, click Send to PlayPosit.
  5. Embed interactivity at any point(s) in your video, choosing from questions, annotations, pauses, tables of content, and more.

That’s it! Your video can now be shared with your students to provide a more engaging learning experience, whether you’re broadcasting it in class or assigning it as an asynchronous module in a flipped classroom space.

Make any video interactive with WeVideo + PlayPosit

As a WeVideo educator, you already know how effective multimedia is for capturing student interest, sparking higher-order thinking, and speaking to different learning styles. PlayPosit takes those benefits and amplifies them—giving you the tools to not only grab student attention but to monitor their engagement and sync those results with your LMS.

Take your WeVideo projects one step further and drive deeper learning at every grade level. Have students answer questions in real time, create auto-graded assessments sent to your gradebook, and dive into detailed analytics about student comprehension. 

If you haven’t yet jumped into this new world of interactivity, learn more about PlayPosit now