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Emotions through video



In this activity, students look at how storytelling using both sound and images can evoke emotions in a much stronger way than either modality can by itself. Using the audio and footage or image libraries in WeVideo, students will create a short video clip that exhibits how using multiple types of media can evoke an emotional response in people. Students will then reflect on this powerful mode of communication and relate it to their emotions and the emotions of others.

Keywords: Getting Started, ELA, SEL, Media Literacy

Good for: Individual work, teams and first video projects

Grade level: K-12

Skill level: Beginner


Student Instructions

Copy and paste the information below directly into the description box when creating your student assignment, or, use it as inspiration to make your own! 

Create a short video that captures how we can use images and sound to make someone feel a certain way. You may choose the emotion you would like to try and create through your video. Remember to use both an audio track and either images or footage to create your multimedia composition.  

If you need help getting started follow these simple steps to complete the activity:

  1. Select the emotion you want to convey through video
  2. Head over to the stock media section of the editor and explore the footage, images and audio that might convey this emotion. 
  3. Select the media you want brought into your my media window
  4. Begin dragging in audio and video media to create your short video. Be sure to use a video track and an audio track, layer, and sync them so the audio and video are playing together
Lesson planning support

Tips to help your instruction in this activity or help to get you started!

  • A good starting point for this activity is to lead a classroom discussion about the power of emotions conveyed in video as opposed to emotions conveyed in static images or with text. 

  • Help students understand the range of emotions they can show through video to move beyond happy, sad, or angry. Try more complex emotions like confused, embarrassed, or shy

  • Enhance the production of the videos by encouraging students to play around with more advanced editing features such as sound levels, transitions, and adding text


Technical Skills

Students will...

Academic Skills

Students will…

21st Century Skills

Students will…

  • Practice searching the stock media library

  • Adding media and dropping that media into their timeline

  • Using and syncing multiple types of media in the editor


  • Practice storytelling in multiple modes 

  • Discuss how images and sound evoke emotional responses in people

  • Reflect on their understanding of their own emotions and the emotions of others

  • Explore how multimodal composition can communicate messages 

  • Engage creatively in the video production process

  • Become producers of media content and reflect on their position as a producer and a consumer

Getting Started: This is a perfect project to help you and your students begin your journey as creative video producers. It is simple enough for any beginner to jump right in and also allows for exploration and discovery of different features in the editing environment.

English/Language Arts: Use this project to start a discussion or kick off a project on digital storytelling and multimodal storytelling. Understanding how multiple modalities work together to communicate a story or a vision is an important part of telling a unique story.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL): This activity can easily be integrated  into your SEL time by allowing students to discuss and reflect on how they felt and how they think others may feel when viewing their creations. Video can create powerful feelings in us and providing a space to talk about how multiple emotions can work together is an important and foundational skill to understanding ourselves and others. 

Media Literacy: Use this project to extend the conversation about the pull of our emotions and how film/advertising/marketing exist to make us feel a certain way. This project can be the starting point to discussing critical media analysis, propaganda, or communication studies.