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Video newsletter: Get creative in the classroom with green screen

/ Nitesh Dutt


Welcome to WeVideo's December newsletter and the last one of 2019. With the holiday season in full swing and schools preparing for winter break, we know it's hard to keep students engaged. But before they leave, here's a fun activity you can do to end the year on a high note.

Creating holiday cards has been done, but holiday VIDEO cards are a new twist on a modern classic. And, students can even use a green screen to add more holiday magic to their video greeting cards.  

Speaking of green screens and all the great projects you can do in your own classroom. Here are a few lessons that teachers have come up with using green screen: one teacher combines it with Scratch and coding, students interview themselves, we even have tips and tricks for you to use.

In this edition of the newsletter, you can find out how one instructor had her students make morning announcements more exciting with a green screen. Dr. Nathan Land-Raad sits down with Jim Bentley to discuss video production in the classroom, and we have a WeVideo Academy video on green screen and color keying

If you've used a green screen in your very own classroom, we'd love to hear it. Share any lesson plans you've created with other teachers here.

Happy holidays and we'll see you in 2020!