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7 ways to keep students engaged while remote learning

/ Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad

Remote learning gives students a chance to discover the many learning opportunities around them. WeVideo is an amazing tool that supports student creativity and discovery. Students can teach each other concepts by making explainer videos, foster a love of reading by creating book trailers, and give others an insight into their thinking with using the screen capture feature. Below are some examples of how students can engage in meaningful learning experiences remotely using WeVideo!

Book trailer

Reading becomes more fun and engaging when they create “movie trailers” about the book they’re reading. 

Explainer video

Students think at a higher cognitive level with they show others how they solved a problem or share new learning around a concept.

Stop motion

Stop motion is a video art form that allows students to manipulate physical objects to create an animation. It’s a great way to creatively express thinking and individuality.

Dual capture and how to share your video to Google Classroom and Seesaw

Once you create a video, you can easily share it through your district’s Learning Management System.  Your students can also respond using video!

Show your thinking screencast

Screencasting is a great tool to both visually represent thinking and to showcase or explain something.

Virtual Field Trip

Time for a Virtual Field Trip! Your students get to be world travelers and creative storytellers with WeVideo and Google Earth!

Read Aloud

Support students in becoming skilled readers by creating Read Alouds. Creating a "Read Aloud" for your students with WeVideo allows your students to see you reading to them and see the pages of the book (close up) at the same time. It also allows students to pause to interact with the text!