WeVideo Summer PD Palooza!


WeVideo Summer PD Palooza!


WeVideo's Summer PD Palooza is an exciting and immersive professional development event that brings together educators from around the world to explore the power of video creation in the classroom. This event is a celebration of learning, where educators can enhance their skills and discover innovative ways to engage their students through multimedia projects. From interactive workshops to inspiring speakers, WeVideo Summer PD Palooza offers a wide range of sessions designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of educators at all levels looking to transform the learning process through video.

Get inspired by EdTech thought leaders, multimedia education experts, and members of the WeVideo team as we show you practical strategies for integrating video into the curriculum, show off some BIG product updates, and give away tons of prizes! Join us this summer for three days of unforgettable professional learning. Space is limited to the first 1,000 registrants so sign up today!

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