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Increase brand awareness with video ads
Drive more traffic to your website, convert more customers and expand your business with powerful video ads that stop the scroll. No matter how big or small your business is, it’s never been easier to make your own video ads.
Get started quickly with video ad templates
A safe place to dine
Let customers know your cafe or restaurant is open for business and follows safety protocols with this customizable template.
Order online
Easily promote your online business with this ad template. Showcase your goods or services and drive more traffic to your website.
Local business ad
Soft music and professional stock footage set the tone in this template that can be customized to suit any small business.

How to make an engaging video ad with WeVideo

Upload your photos & video clips

Start from scratch or with a video ad template. Add your own photos and videos, then drag and drop to the editor. Easy!

A video clip uploading to the editor.
Customize your video ad

Add your own logo or branding. Add custom text. Choose music and stock footage from our library. Whether you keep it simple or customize every detail, WeVideo makes it look great.

Customize your video add
Export & download

Once your video is finished, choose your resolution and download to save it. You can also publish directly in social media channels such as YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or share your video on your website.

Export graphic download

Engage your social media audience

  1. Reach YouTube viewers

    As the second most visited site on the internet (behind Google), YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly users. Put your brand in front of this global audience by choosing one of YouTube’s several advertising options, including skippable ads, non-skippable ads, bumper ads and more.

  2. Gain traction on Instagram

    Creating video ads for Instagram Feed or Stories is an effective way to convert more customers on social media while spreading brand awareness. With Facebook’s Ads Manager, you can get insights on how your video ads are performing on both Facebook and Instagram.

  3. Try video ads on Pinterest

    Did you know you can publish video ads on Pinterest? Get more eyes on your brand by creating a video ad that will appear in your target audience’s Pinterest feed. You can even select different objectives for your ad (brand awareness, views, conversions).

Build your brand with video ads

  1. Put your name out there

    Video is one the best ways to promote your brand or business. When you create video ads, you’re capitalizing on a huge opportunity to convert more customers and drive more sales. But even if people decide not to buy, you’re still putting your name out there and spreading brand awareness.

  2. Get social with your ads

    Social media is a great place to start running your video ads. Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or others, it doesn’t have to be expensive to start seeing some return. Best of all, you can make your own video ads -- you don’t need a production crew or any fancy equipment. Try an easy video ad maker like WeVideo, that lets you get started for free.

  3. Stay consistent

    No matter where you decide to publish your video ads, stay consistent with your brand. Use the same logo, brand colors and other design elements so people will recognize your brand no matter what channel they see your ads on. If you have a script or use on-screen copy, stay consistent with your brand voice and tone across all the ads you create. A unified brand image is key to growing your brand with video.

Make video ads work for you

  1. Use the right specs

    Make sure your video ads are in the correct aspect ratio for the channel you’re sharing them on. For example, a square format works best on Instagram, whereas horizontal, or landscape format works best for sites like Facebook and YouTube. Use a video editor like WeVideo that lets you create once and easily switch to any format with just a few clicks.

  2. Keep it short

    Most people aren’t on YouTube because they want to watch ads, so make sure you get right to the point in your video ad for the best chance of success. There are different types of video ads that range in length, but the general rule of thumb is the shorter it is, the better.

  3. Make it pop

    Since you only have seconds to capture your viewers’ attention (and hopefully get them to click or purchase), you want to really make a statement right away. You can use humor, stop-the-scroll images or video clips, or on-screen copy that really pops.

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Frequently asked questions

You can make your own video ads quickly and easily with a video ad maker like WeVideo. Create an account, log in and start uploading your media to make a video ad in no time.

There are a lot of great options out there, but WeVideo is an easy-to-use video editor and you can try it for free.

You can make a video ad by starting with an ad video maker like WeVideo. Create a free account and start uploading your media to create ads made for YouTube.

Using an ad maker is essentially using a video editor to create your own video ad. Sign up for a WeVideo account, then add your images, video clips and even your branding to make your own video ads in minutes.