Virginia Beach Public Schools

See how VBS has leveraged both WeVideo and PlayPosit to foster constant learning, support project-based learning, build students' soft skills, and help educators create scalable instructional content. 

Hear from VBS administrators and educators

Dr. Sharon Shewbridge, Director of Instructional Technology for Virginia Beach Public Schools.

District overview

Dr. Sharon Shewbridge discusses the impact of WeVideo + PlayPosit across Virginia Beach Public Schools, and how both products have been embraced in the classroom. 

Rachel Pritchett, German teacher at Virginia Beach Public Schools.

WeVideo + VBS

VBPS educators Rachel Pritchett, Christie Vtipil, and Michael Wesely explain how they've incorporated WeVideo into their daily instructional practices. 

Lauren Sexton, Math teacher at Virginia Beach Public Schools.

PlayPosit + VBS

VBPS educators Lauren Sexton and Sarah Williams reflect on how PlayPosit has helped them create dynamic, interactive learning experiences for their students. 

Bring video learning into the classroom