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Meet David Tisdale of Vx Group

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David Tisdale, Marketing Director

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Company Name

Vx Group
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Sales & Marketing Agency
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Milwaukee, WI & Charleston, SC
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At a Glance

Vx Group partners with B2B clients to develop sophisticated integrated sales and marketing programs that maximise business potential and help clients make the most of market opportunities. David Tisdale, Marketing Director, leads all creative production at Vx Group, bridging the gap between strategic direction and tactical execution by producing high-value promotional campaigns and materials.

The Opportunity

Vx Group’s clients in the building and manufacturing industry need short product videos to demonstrate product features and installation techniques. The voracious requirements of product and ecommerce websites drive a high demand for video, but it is also critical that the videos carry a consistent style and positively showcase client products and brands. The team at Vx Group wears many hats in support of a broad service offering. David wanted his small team of three to be able to support client video projects without requiring that they all become experts in advanced video editing.

Putting WeVideo to Work

After using WeVideo to capture and share video content for personal use, it occurred to David that the platform could also enable his team to deliver a high volume of client videos efficiently. Access to stock content through WeVideo Essentials™ and the templates feature allow the team to shift time and energy from administrative functions like sourcing stock content and applying step-and-repeat video elements to more strategic tasks such as concepting, message development, and content creation. As a long-time user, David notes

“I’m blown away by what WeVideo is doing and the improvements I’ve seen over the past few years. While other video editors eat up my machines, WeVideo is so responsive. It doesn’t take us long at all to create videos using the tool.”


The Results

According to David, “We’ve been using WeVideo for six months and have already seen increased team collaboration and a quicker feedback cycle. Using traditional video editing software for remote collaboration wastes a ton of time in collecting feedback, re-editing, re-exporting, re-uploading a video. WeVideo reinvents the model and eliminates this issue with an in-browser editor and all linked assets in the cloud.”

What's Next

According to David, video creation continues to be increasingly in demand. He says, “We’re going all-in. If we’re creating a video for a client, we use WeVideo.” He adds, “WeVideo gives us the ability to scale our video offerings without extensive staff training or design experience. For example, a social media manager is empowered to create simple videos using the templates we establish in the system and this allows more people within the agency to be video creators.

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Title screen for Chesapeake screen doors video with a dog running through a doggy door
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