Expanded from servicing 5 clients to 25, and added a new business line

Meet Cara Heilmann, CEO of Ready Reset Go

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Cara Heilmann, CEO

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July, 2017
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Ready Reset Go
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Professional Training and Coaching
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San Francisco Bay Area, CA

At a Glance

International best-selling author and CEO of Ready Reset Go, Cara Heilmann works with professionals who are seeking a career change or new employment. She coaches clients to identify the things that provide the most meaning in their lives and then guides them to find employment opportunities that align with those values.

The Opportunity

Cara specializes in highly personalized coaching, but has long-realized that the needs of many of her clients overlap. She recognized that she was spending valuable time repeating the same content at the beginning of her coaching sessions. So, she developed a library of pre-made videos that can be accessed by clients at their convenience. This freed valuable time during live sessions that is better spent on deeper, more individualized topics and also gave Cara the time needed to grow her business.

Putting WeVideo to Work

According to Cara, WeVideo is great for someone who is not a video professional but demands premium-caliber content. With WeVideo, Cara can easily add music, branding, and motivational quotes to achieve a polished look. “Perfection is my biggest roadblock. With WeVideo, I am constantly putting out better and better content.” In her first eight months she created 26 video modules, along with marketing content for her job seeker program...and that was just the beginning.

The Results

Cara reports, “The video content I’ve created with WeVideo has added credibility to my work and has helped me scale my business. It has completely freed up my time so that I’m able to take on more. I went from having the capacity to service five clients at one time to 25 clients.” With added capacity, Cara has also been able to expand her business. She recently launched a Career Coach Accelerator certification program and uses WeVideo to develop training videos for prospective career coaches.

What's Next

Cara plans to use her WeVideo skills to start advertising Ready Reset Go on YouTube. “With WeVideo, I can easily create 30-second ads rather than paying someone else $25,000 to do it for me.” Since she’s already familiar with WeVideo, she can focus her time and energy on developing her advertising message and optimising her videos to get the best response on social media channels.

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