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Spread holiday cheer with a slightly different twist this year

/ Nitesh Dutt

The holiday season tends to be a magical time full of friends, family, giving and the occasional office party. Just like everything else this year, that is going to be very different. The traditions we’re used to can still be done, but with a creative twist.

Not only are the holidays a time for friends and family, but it’s a great time for businesses to make a final push towards their yearly goals and show appreciation for their customers. 

In a year of social distancing and being sheltered in place, companies are tasked with looking for different and more creative ways to connect with their customers and continue to boost sales into the new year.

Sing a song this holiday



Who doesn’t love a good holiday song? We all know the classics from Mariah Carey, Bing Crosby, Wham! and Nat King Cole. Choirs and carolers do their best every year to serenade us with these classics, but how do you do so when you have to keep your distance? With video of course. Using the Brady Bunch effect, you can have multiple people on screen singing together as a choir would. With WeVideo you can choose a festive background, add multiple video layers to transform, resize and move your clips.

Video holiday card



One of the classic forms of a company showing their holiday spirit is a video greeting card. Usually, you have clips of people hard at work or, like the example below, having a holly jolly good time. It’s a time for employees to show off their personalities and have a little fun in front of the camera. With WeVideo, set up a green screen and take your holiday video to more wintery settings. Pick a holiday song from our stock library and you can add your own brand/company logo.

Recap the year



We may not have the traffic that Google has but that doesn’t mean we can’t be as creative. A yearly recap is easy to create and edit video. Put together a compilation of videos your company has worked on, a slideshow of events attended or held, even something as simple as a slideshow of employees and work around the office can be done. With WeVideo, there are holiday motion titles, stock audio and videos to give the video a more holiday feel and, with cropping, you can edit images and videos how you like.

Look ahead to next year



The holiday season isn’t only a time to celebrate the year that was and festive season, you can also look ahead to what’s on the horizon or give people an escape from the yearly rush. Play into the holidays but also offer some reprieve from the festive colors and music. This can also be a way to promote your business by moving forward with an eye to the new year. WeVideo offers up plenty of motion titles and templates that are the absolute opposite of the holidays, plus add your brand logo and colors to promote your company to the fullest.

Want more video marketing ideas as you head into the new year? Check out our 2021 marketing calendar now to start planning out your year of success!