Choirs, meetings and more gone virtual: A Brady Bunch experience

January 19, 2021 / By

At this point, we’ve all experienced the ups and downs of working remotely and staying socially distanced. We’ve held Zoom meetings, taken online classes vs. learning in person, and have resorted to virtual happy hours with friends, family and colleagues. 

Trying to find humor and joy in these little moments hasn’t been easy, but some have found a way by creating “Brady Bunch” style videos. From choirs to parody songs and more, this has been a popular editing effect for decades. 

For an in-depth tutorial, check out The Brady Bunch effect.

Let’s take a look at some great examples of this effect.

The Zoom Song

This video takes a comedic approach to those enthralling Zoom video calls we’ve all taken part in. Created by sketch comedy group, The Warp Zone, “The Zoom Song” tackles everything from poor connections and background noise to unmuted coworkers and callers with no video. They not only use the Brady Bunch effect (and, theme song) but they show different ways of stacking videos on the screen.

Canon Brady Bunch Style

Even though this video is from 2013, it is still an impressive use of the Brady Bunch effect. The creator, James Morgan, enlists several of his classmates and passes around a Canon camera while each takes a photo of the next person. The timing is really good and takes some precision editing but if you know when you’re bringing in the next tile then you can easily lay out each clip on an editing timeline. 

How to make GIFs and create a “Brady Bunch” effect

I Knew Zoom Was Trouble

Another comedic spin on Zoom calls, this time from The Holderness Family. This entertaining clan’s parody of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” does a great job of switching between the Brady Bunch effect and single shots while encompassing every single pain users feel when on a Zoom call. It isn’t easy to make light of the current situation almost every one of us in but this family’s video turns an infuriating experience into something to laugh about. 

Choir performance of “Sisi Ni Moja”

A performance that needs no introduction as it was a featured video of the week on an episode of Tuesday Tips & Tricks. Nixa Junior High Choir Director Blake Richtor brought together all 60 of his choir students for a performance of “Sisi Ni Moja” by Jacob Narverud. It’s impressive when you see a video of 5 people in the Brady Bunch but 60 students is beyond that. Richtor not only syncs up 60 individual videos but also all audio tracks for a beautiful choir performance. 

To learn how this Richtor created this amazing video, check out this Tuesday Tips & Tricks episode.

These are just some of our favorite Brady Bunch-style videos. Share your favorites with us on Twitter or Facebook. If you’ve created your own using WeVideo, please tag us on your favorite social channel. Happy creating!

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