3 Reasons To Make A Halloween Video With Your Kids

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With Halloween rapidly approaching, your bookmarks and Pinterest boards are probably bursting at the seams with cute crafts, spooky snacks, and clever costumes to get your kids involved in the holiday. As much as you’d love some well-posed and beautifully lit photos to remember all of your hard DIYing by, it can be difficult to get kids to stay still long enough for pictures in regular clothes, let alone taming a tiny Batman or twirling Elsa.

This year, try making a Halloween video to preserve your memories. It’s simple with the right software (some of which you can try for free), and will help you and your kids enjoy Halloween memories for years to come. Here are three reasons you should try it!

It’s Not a Costume; It’s an Identity

For kids, Halloween is still about becoming someone (or something!) else for a night—let them obsess with getting Instagram likes or nailing an obscure pop culture reference in a few years. Make sure you have the discussion about what’s real and what isn’t (to avoid intense frights when they see older kids in their scarier costumes) but, otherwise, a little make-believe is completely healthy.

Trick or Treating

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Your little buzzing bee or brave astronaut will want to act out their costume all night—something a picture can’t fully capture. Let them show their flair for the dramatic and capture every moment of their assumed identity. Not only is it a great keepsake, it’ll be a great addition to their future wedding video. Quick tip: Save photos and videos to the cloud as well as your hard drive.

Special Effects Make Them Superman (And You Supermom)

There is great software that will let you use professional-level editing effects with little-to-no moviemaking experience. Green screen technology lets you film your kid in front of a solid color background and add an epic battle or dreamy fairy land with special effects. Your child will hardly believe his or her eyes when they see the finished product!

Green Screen

Don’t worry if that seems too ambitious on top of the rest of your Halloween plans. Animated effects, premade themes, and even video captions and annotations can make your child feel like the star of their own Hollywood movie after the costume is packed away and the candy divided.

Capture More Memories

The trick-or-treat part of the night only lasts a few hours. Thanks to the dwindling daylight hours this time of year, prime picture-taking lighting doesn’t stick around for long once you hit the streets. With video editing software that allows you to record and save clips on your phone, you can save more Halloween action in the days leading up to the 31st.

Capture some footage of kids working on a spooky craft, getting ready for costume day at school, or carving this year’s pumpkins. Sneak in a quick recording of them enjoying a spooky Halloween movie. Snap some atmospheric shots of the leaves in your yard, or pumpkins lining your street. If you have a free hand, you can even capture the sugar-fuelled mania of playtime the next day! With great video making software, easy-to-use features will let you edit it all together, quickly choose a theme, and create a masterpiece you’ll cherish when they’re older and too cool to trick-or-treat with their parents.

Try out these easy video editing ideas this Halloween, and get a head start with easy-to-use, busy-mom-friendly video making software from WeVideo!

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