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Bring family and friends closer with holiday videos

/ Nitesh Dutt

We’re used to spending much of the holiday season surrounded by friends and family. The joy and love felt in those moments are enough to warm the coldest of Winter nights. 

Like every other special day in 2020, the holidays are going to look pretty different for a lot of us. Gatherings will be limited, carolers won’t be heard and parties will be virtual. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to stay connected this season.

From holiday video greeting cards to a family dance number, there is a multitude of ways to say hi and show love to those we cherish.

With WeVideo's video editor, you can use specialized holiday templates to get inspiration, green screen to take yourself to a winter wonderland or use any of the holiday audio in our stock library with any premium plan.

Tuesday Tips & Tricks: How to use holiday templates

Jam out to recap the year

Everyone shares family newsletters/emails to let their loved ones know how the previous year was, but it’s time to give those a little upgrade. Take a cue from The Holderness Family and turn those updates into a musical number. Take all those videos you shot and pictures you took, put some original music behind them and use some WeVideo effects to add your own holiday flair. Use motion titles and animated text to show-off your holiday spirit.

Create and share memories with slideshows

Show off your lights



When I was growing up, there was a neighborhood in a nearby city that would go all out during the holidays. Every house was decorated and lit up in festive lights. It was a highlight of mine every year. There may be fewer lights this year and fewer people going out to see the decorations, but you can still share your spirit by putting your lights on video. With holiday-themed background music and effects from available in our video editor, you can put together quite the slideshow with video clips and photos you uploaded. 

Make your own music video



Are you a family of carolers that are used to putting on a musical number every year? You don’t need to skip this year, with WeVideo you can make your yearly musical number even more unforgettable. With the green screen effect and WeVideo’s stock video library, you can take your music video all over the world. Go from your living room to a wintery wonderland, a snowy mountain or even the North Pole. You never know, Santa may show up. 

Create holiday magic with green screen and WeVideo

Do a little shimmy



Raise your hand if you like to dance? ✋! Same! Everybody loves a little dance party and what better way to share the holiday spirit and joy. Make it fun with coordinated outfits, an upbeat song and bring together the whole family. WeVideo has the perfect holiday-themed backgrounds, effects and templates to make your video complete. 

Just because we are away from those we love this year, it doesn’t mean we can’t find creative ways to share the holiday spirit. Don’t let 2020 take away the magic that this time of year brings. Find joy and make memories in every moment. With WeVideo you can create the perfect holiday video greeting. Start spreading some holiday cheer and joy.