Motivate teams with better internal communications

Internal communications can be overwhelming: emails, DMs, tags, pings, back-to-back meetings. Simplify the way you communicate by using video instead.
Snapshot of Project check-in internal communications video.
WeVideo gives us the ability to scale our video offerings without extensive staff training or design experience."
– David Tisdale, Marketing Director, Vx Group

Why use video in your internal communications?

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of a message is retained in a video compared to just 10% when reading it in a text.
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of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.
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feel video is an effective tool for training.

Make sure key messages aren’t missed

From informal webcam recordings to professionally edited green screen announcements, video-based internal communications make it easier for staff to process, retain, and revisit information.

Hear less “I must’ve missed that paragraph…” and more “Yep, saw it in your video, thanks!”

Save time & resources at all levels

Send a quick webinar recording and skip the pain of scheduling a meeting. Outline next steps by video and prevent costly role confusion. Create a single training video and save hundreds of management hours each year.

Internal communications videos make it possible, no matter your industry or size.

Build cohesion with bottom-up communication

Want to reduce friction, anticipate roadblocks, and improve morale?

Custom templates, multi-seat collaboration, and simple multimedia creation gives your employees the tools they need to stay informed and have their voices heard.

Why use WeVideo?

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Robust editing tools

Trim, split, combine, and flip clips. Add pro effects like green screen, animation, slow-mo & more.
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Screen and webcam recording

Record your screen, webcam, or both for detailed how-tos, webinars, and product demos.
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Your assets + ours

Tell the story you want to tell with 1M+ stock images, videos, and music clips.
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Creative flexibility

Create training videos on Mac, Windows, or Chrome. iOS and Android, too.
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Enterprise support

Receive dedicated rendering, personal customer support, and bi-annual product training.

Internal communications examples & resources

Woman standing in front of large whiteboard and presenting to department.

About Employee Communication

Align, train, inform, engage, and inspire at all levels. How? With more impactful staff communication.
Woman holding a megaphone with text that says, Internal Communication Strategy.

Build an Internal Comms Strategy

Fill those internal comms gaps to see happier, more productive teams. We’ll show you how.
Three women walking in workplace hallway with smiles on their faces.

Company Culture Videos

Culture is hard to describe but easy to feel. Make yours felt by following these 10 video examples.

Transform your internal communications strategy with video

Frequently asked questions

An internal communications video is used to share updates within a company, department, or team. Internal communications are meant for employees and take a different tone from public or customer-facing communications.

Internal communications videos can cover a wide spectrum of topics: company objectives, product updates, leadership changes, progress reports, project timelines, company culture, rebranding initiatives, PR talking points, and more. Ideally, videos are just one piece of a greater internal communication strategy.

Internal communication can take many different forms depending on the company. All of the following tools and methods would be considered examples of internal communication: emails, physical handouts, slideshows/decks, chat messages, audio recordings, videos, and in-person or virtual meetings.

Any time you’re sharing information with your staff, you’re communicating internally.

Video communication can play so many roles in any business. It can be used to express company culture, recruit employees, train new hires, and streamline project management. It can also serve to prepare attendees for an all-hands meeting, summarize key takeaways and next steps, or celebrate the previous year’s biggest milestones.

The bottom line? If you’re wondering how to improve internal communication, video is certainly part of the solution.