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3 videos to easily create while working remotely

/ Nitesh Dutt

Working remotely isn’t a brand new concept but it has started to become commonplace in the professional world. With teams scattered across the globe and employees working from different offices or homes, collaborating on a video project may seem impossible. 

However, there are still ways to create amazing videos that highlight your products, company, and brand. From customer interviews, video newsletters, and how-tos, there’s a way to create professional-quality videos from anywhere.

Here are 3 videos to create easily and quickly while working remotely:

Video newsletter



A newsletter is a great way to connect with customers while giving them an update of what’s going on with your company. With WeVideo, you can record your webcam and have your clip drop directly into a timeline to quickly edit.

Customer testimonial



Consumers rather hear from other consumers than any media personality or company spokesperson, that’s what customer testimonials are for. Doing so remotely isn’t the easiest, but interviewing a client via video chat and using WeVideo’s Simultaneous Webcam and Screen Recording function allows you to capture both recordings and drop them directly into your timeline.

Product/feature demo

If your product has multiple features, demonstrate the most popular one (or the one you feel deserves the most attention) in a bite-sized, 10-15 second demo video. These videos work great for social media or pre-roll ads, and can easily be done with the help of WeVideo’s screen recording function.

If you’re still searching for ways to use video to market your product or service, we have 10 ways you can accomplish this. Plus, check out 30 quick and easy video marketing ideas for even more inspiration.