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Best-in-class multimedia creation tools with limitless possibilities

Integrate standards into engaging lessons

Seamlessly integrate standards-aligned lessons into your curriculum using our Assignment Ideas Library. Save time and boost instructional quality as you confidently align your lessons with ISTE standards, ensuring meaningful and targeted instruction for every student.
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Encourage student empowerment and choice

By embracing student choice, you cultivate ownership, motivation, and engagement, enabling students to unlock their potential and become active creators of knowledge. Witness their confidence soar as they develop crucial skills, express their voices, and take pride in their multimedia projects.
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Create opportunities for student connection

Building a classroom community is an important piece of social emotional learning. Allowing students to collaborate in real-time helps make connections to build and develop SEL skills.
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Why educators love WeVideo

"As an avid content creator, I have tried numerous video editing tools, but none have come close to the versatility, user-friendliness, and feature-richness that WeVideo offers. A standout feature of WeVideo is its collaborative capabilities. WeVideo's real-time collaboration feature allows multiple users to edit a project simultaneously. This collaborative environment promotes seamless communication, enhances productivity, and streamlines the entire editing workflow."

Zita Joyce, Primary Years Program Coordinator at Stonehill International School.

Zita Joyce Primary Years Program Coordinator, Stonehill International School

"The Assignment Library is exactly what we need, we are so excited about this. I absolutely love that it connects each assignment to the ISTE Standards."

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Holly Landez Director of Digital Learning & Innovation, Copperas Cove ISD

"WeVideo's Quick Recorder is a lifesaver. I can quickly make tutorial videos to teach necessary skills and put them in a Google Doc so kids can refer to them when needed."

Craig Dunlap.

Craig Dunlap 2nd grade teacher, Yealey Elementary School

Engage, collaborate, and create together

Access 1M + media assets Access 1M + media assets

Whether for instructional videos or student-created projects, we've got over 1 million licensed video, image, and audio files. Royalty-free and ready to add to your multimedia projects!

Make your own instructional videos Make your own instructional videos

Adapt seamlessly to any teaching and learning environment! From traditional classrooms to online instruction, WeVideo empowers you to teach exactly as you envision.

Facilitate self-paced learning Facilitate self-paced learning

Ignite student curiosity and facilitate self-paced learning through the power of modeling. Direct students along their learning journey with clear and dynamic instructional guides.

Give immediate feedback Give immediate feedback

Real-time collaboration? You got it! Allow students time to reflect and grow in both receiving and providing feedback — directly in our online video editor.

Tap into the power of screencasting Tap into the power of screencasting

Engage students in the art of screencasting. As students craft explainer videos that showcase their understanding and mastery of concepts, they become confident creators.

Include interactive elements Include interactive elements

Make your multimedia projects interactive to drive active participation and deeper understanding. Thought-provoking multiple choice, creative free response, and more!

Tap into deeper learning with WeVideo