Teacher leaning over a student to help with multimedia creation on a laptop

A multimedia creation tool for the classroom

Built for student-centered learning

Create assignments in seconds Create assignments in seconds

It’s quick and easy to add instructions, multimedia, links, and more.

Make your own instructional videos Make your own instructional videos

From slideshows to screen recordings, teach your students however you prefer.

Unlock student agency Unlock student agency

Give learners the power to share their ideas and express their voice.

Give in-the-moment feedback Give in-the-moment feedback

Help students engage and build skills through real-time feedback.

Support real-time collaboration Support real-time collaboration

Develop critical SEL skills through creative group projects.

Add interactive elements Add interactive elements

Encourage peer feedback and monitor outcomes through interactivity.

See how teachers near you use WeVideo

From making instructional videos to getting creative with green screen, teachers everywhere use WeVideo in their classrooms.

Dive into deeper learning with WeVideo

WeVideo gives you the tools to bring creativity, collaboration, and deeper learning into your classroom. Any subject, any grade level.