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Vlogging for Business: Why Having a YouTube Channel Is the Way to Go

/ Denise Langenegger

There are probably hundreds of millions of blogs out there today — it’s a form of online diary that predates much of what we now recognize as the modern internet. Video blogs (aka vlogs) are just the newest iteration of what has proven to be one of the most popular forms of self-expression.

As a part of a video marketing strategy, vlogs are one of the premier channels for a business to showcase a variety of high-value content. Really, a vlog can be pretty much anything you want it to be — the sky’s the limit.

While it’s possible to host your vlog on your own website, there are a couple of compelling arguments to be made for putting it up on a video sharing site — and that, of course, means YouTube. So long as you put in the effort to create great YouTube video content for your business, this is a great idea.

First off, let’s deal with the elephant in the room — yes, it’s possible to make money directly on YouTube through ads. No, you probably aren’t going to make a huge amount from it unless you’re already pulling in hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

That may be disheartening for some to hear, but it’s important to realize that YouTube marketing will benefit other areas of your business, but won’t be something that will generate money to run itself.

Why YouTube?

YouTube has over 2 billion active users every single month — that’s over a quarter of the world’s population on the platform. It’s the second biggest search engine and the second most visited website on the internet, only falling behind Google. So really, it’s a numbers game.

Consumption of video content only continues to rise. Networking giant Cisco has stated that more than 80% of internet traffic will be videos by 2022. YouTube is at the forefront of video content on the internet.

Yes, this type of content is pretty resource-intensive to create. But it doesn’t actually take that long to master a video editor (especially when you choose the right one). With some study and practice, you’ll be able to start using video to market your products and services.

Let’s take a look at some of the key aspects that make a business vlog so attractive:

Low cost

A business vlog doesn’t have to be flashy. Yes, there’s a certain level of polish and professionalism that’s expected, but you don’t need a huge budget to be able to create something that’s appealing and engaging.

Almost any type of content thrives on YouTube. But take a deep dive and you’ll see that a lot of it is just one person talking about their topic of choice. And that’s great, because that’s basically all you need to get started with your business vlog. You could create a YouTube tutorial for your area of expertise right now and post it, if you have the script and already know how to work a little video editing magic.

You could even go super frugal and recycle some content from your other social media marketing campaigns or business communications for other platforms.

Potential for connection

Your vlog could just be one person, one camera, and a script. Or even a whole video just off the cuff, if you’re okay with that and it fits your brand. The fact that it’s one person talking directly to the camera can make for very intimate, small-scale video content.

It’s this intimacy that makes a vlog so special. Now we’re not advocating for you to start vlogging in your pajamas at home (unless maybe your business sells pajamas?), since we did mention polish and professionalism. You may be using YouTube for your business, but adjusting your messaging to show a human side to your brand can be a way to create rapport with your audience.

And of course, the goal of this rapport is to create trust, which is absolute gold for social media marketing. If your audience feels like they can trust you and relate to you, they’re much more likely to respond to calls to action in your video marketing.

Ease of consumption

Simply put, video content is the easiest content to take in. And we don’t just say that because you can watch a video and let the information wash over you; it’s proven that video content results in a better understanding of the subject matter than text-based content.

Videos are simply more engaging. Not only that, video content simply has more reach — mostly because users are much more likely to share videos than they are to share text. 92% of mobile video viewers share content with other people. It’s really the content that audiences want the most of, with almost half of customers wanting brands to share product information through video.

There are a huge number of video tutorial focused channels that succeed on YouTube because of this ease of consumption. Sure, most of these channels are experts at creating how-to videos, but the core of their success lies in their mastery of the subject matter and the passion that goes into sharing that mastery. That willingness to share also inspires the audience to share in turn. It’s a win-win.

What to put on your channel

Now that we’ve covered some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to use YouTube for your business vlog, we’ll go over some of the easiest types of content to kickstart your channel. Our aim is to give you some idea of easy, actionable videos that require a minimum of investment but result in a maximum of engagement.

Let’s get to it!

Behind the scenes of the business

We talked earlier about the human side of your brand. This is where those humans get to shine! You can interview an employee, walk through the workflow process, or create an MTV Cribs style showcase of your workplace.

Really, the only limit in this regard is your imagination, so long as your messaging and aesthetic is in line with your brand. Remember we talked about professionalism and polish? That’s not as important with these styles of videos (though you’ll still benefit from basic video editing skills to clean up your content), so you can get away with more of a candid approach.

It’s important to note that you can still benefit from a shooting script and a plan! Some coworkers may not appreciate being pulled out of their flow to answer questions in front of a camera, so clear your plan with everyone involved beforehand.

The key here is showing off your company culture and the processes involved in creating the products and services that your audience enjoys. One thing that is great is being able to capture the passion and excitement of your own people—that’s something that’s always relatable.

Customer-generated content

This may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the best content for your channel is something that someone else has created. Customers absolutely love doing their own reviews and giving their own opinions. This is a great opportunity to address that feedback directly and let your audience know that you’re actively listening.

Even if the customer content isn’t in the form of video, it can still form the basis for your own content. If a customer leaves a good review and has particularly good things to say about a specific product or service, feel free to acknowledge that—and give your own perspective on why that product or service is a success.

On the other hand, you don’t need to be afraid to feature some negative feedback either. Addressing pain points is a fantastic way to get your audience and clientele on your side. If it’s something that you know is a weakness for your business and something you’re already working on, let your audience know that. You can give them assurance that improvements are being implemented and future customer experiences will be better.

Vlog product demos or new releases

These types of videos will likely require more time and effort on your part, but they can be incredibly effective in introducing your audience to new products and services that you offer. You’ll need to be able to portray your product or service at its best, and in a way that’s in line with the rest of your marketing approach. If you already have a great Youtube intro and the rest of your aesthetic is top-notch and polished, you may be ready to get started with these types of videos.

This is one type of video where you can go all out on trying to sell a product or service, and the audience will be totally okay with it — these kinds of opportunities are rare, so take that chance!

A good product demo video can address pain points before they even happen by explaining exactly how to use your product. Remember, people retain more information from video content as opposed to text — customers may not bother reading the manual, but a good video will stick in their minds.

Remember that with most videos, it's a good idea to offer your viewers something in exchange for their email addresses. Why? Because you can sign them up for your email list and will have an easier time reaching out to them if you need to. If you just rely on the Youtube algorithm, there's a good chance that eventually you won't be able to reach your followers due to the Youtube algorithm and how it displays videos.

In terms of what you offer your viewers, it could be something as simple as a free download, or it could be something more involved like a fun webinar to educate and pitch them on a new course you create. The ideas are endless, but the principle is very important to the longevity and health of your business.


Choosing YouTube as your platform for your business vlog can be a daunting task, but the benefits can definitely make the work and effort involved all worth it.

When implemented correctly as part of a wider social media marketing strategy, your vlog could bring in more business for your brand, but also create a knowledge base and community that will reap dividends for years to come.

Hop into our online video editor and see how quick it can be to create YouTube content that resonates with your audience and builds your brand.

Denise Langenegger at Instasize
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