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WeVideo Green Screen for iPads and iPhones Unleashes Imagination

/ Andrew Baum

You and your students may have used the amazing green screen effect in the WeVideo web app. Even if haven’t tried it, you see the effect all the time in TV, movies and video games. When the weather guy on the news is standing, hair perfectly coiffed, in front of a raging storm, that’s green screen.
Now WeVideo has brought this high-end, powerful feature to iOS, so students can use it for their projects anytime, anywhere. Also called chroma keying, it’s a technique that lets you remove a single color from the video and replace that color with other video or photos.
This professional technique makes it easy for the user to blend video of a person or item with another layer of video. It’s how you swap out backgrounds so a subject shot in the classroom appears to be standing on a mountain top or floating through the depths of space. You can even knock out a solid color t-shirt, for example, and replace the person’s clothing with videos, textures or photos. 

As all features, green screen is fully integrated within the intuitive WeVideo iOS app. Best of all, this premium feature is included at no additional charge with all WeVideo for Schools accounts. Use it in conjunction with all the other great WeVideo tools to combine clips, photos, sounds, music and more to create amazingly unique movies for projects in any subject. Students can hand off their iOS creations using green screen to their own and/or group projects being finished with the WeVideo web app on any Apple, Windows or Google Chromebook device.
Get all the details and download the all-new app at WeVideo for iOS on iTunes today.
WeVideo Editor