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WeVideo augments professional toolkit with new Facebook & Instagram Business integrations

/ WeVideo

WeVideo has unveiled two new integrations between its video editor and Meta Business Suite for Facebook and Instagram, empowering professional marketers and SMBs to create and publish social media video content to both platforms with greater speed and efficiency. Ideal for creating mobile ads, brand social videos, and engaging content that resonates with target audiences, the new integrations further bolster WeVideo’s robust toolkit for professional business and marketing users. 

“As businesses strive to connect with consumers, video is a critical component for companies to engage with key audiences and convert target users. WeVideo’s professional new integrations with Facebook and Instagram further simplify workflows and make content creation accessible to business users across industries, allowing teams with no media experience to produce and instantly share high-quality social media videos that drive results,” said Krishna Menon, CEO, WeVideo.

WeVideo integration with Meta Business Suite supports instant one-click video export directly to the Meta Media Library, where users can easily create video posts or ads on Facebook or Instagram. Through this integration, users no longer need to wait for videos to finish rendering within WeVideo prior to sharing content to the Meta Media Library. Instead, as video renders are being finalized, users can select the Facebook option and the video will export automatically once processing is complete. For agencies with multiple Meta Business accounts for different clients, users can also select which account to export content to directly within WeVideo.

WeVideo's video editor integration with Meta Business Suite further streamlines the process for sharing videos in a single click to Instagram. Rather than downloading videos from WeVideo’s web platform, transferring content to a mobile device, then uploading posts to Instagram’s mobile app, new functionality allows professional users to share videos instantly. Within WeVideo’s web platform, users can now post video content directly to Instagram business pages without ever leaving WeVideo’s interface, saving teams time and freeing up cycles for other tasks. 

The new WeVideo integrations with Meta Business Suite for Facebook and Instagram are now available to all WeVideo Creator and Business subscribers.

Except for the obvious things like videos, YouTube banners, and your overall branding, YouTube outros are essentially just video bumpers that last under 20 seconds and are shown at the end of your latest YouTube uploads.

At its core, a YouTube outro is simply an ending to your YouTube video. However, YouTube outros are also often short clips that feature other YouTube videos or a specific call to action for the viewer to do something. Usually, it's best to highlight a related video and keep the watch time going for your channel, this will help your videos to rank higher.

An outro to a YouTube video is a great way to recap the main points of the YouTube video, but if it's going to be more than a few words long you might want to consider making your outro something short and sweet that gets people excited about your next YouTube video or playlist.