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New Cropping Feature for Videos and Images

/ Nitesh Dutt

cropping gifIt’s here! It’s finally here! We're proud to announce that we've launched Cropping for videos and images.

This long-sought-after feature has been requested by our users for quite some time and has finally arrived in the WeVideo video editor for all paid plans! For anyone on a free WeVideo plan, this feature can be sampled but projects that contain cropping cannot be exported. 

For users that have used cropping in Google Slides, this is no different. Users can easily adjust the edges of videos or images to create a square or rectangular crop.

From the timeline, double-click any clip and go to the second tab with the Crop icon. From there, drag the handles from the corners or the sides. Use the sliders for extra precision along the horizontal and vertical dimensions. After cropping, you can re-scale under “Transform.”

This can be an important tool for everyone from educators and everyday creators to professionals and influencers. 

Sometimes using a green screen can be troublesome if a camera shot captures things outside of the screen. This is when cropping comes in handy. Easily crop out what the green screen doesn’t cover for a cleaner, more focused video. 

Check out this episode of Tuesday Tips & Tricks to learn how to use Cropping in our online or mobile video editor:


If you’re creating a video slideshow of a family trip, you can cut out people or sights of a photo you don’t need. Easily remove parts of a video or image that are unsightly or take away focus from what you want to show.

Want to start creating your own videos with Cropping? Find a plan that fits your needs.