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New Feature: Collaborate & Edit Videos in Real Time

/ Kristen Sato

We’re excited to announce a new feature within our online video editor, designed with remote and blended learning environments in mind: real-time collaboration

Teachers and students can edit videos together in real time, regardless of location. Whether you’re in the classroom or remote, you can feel like you’re editing videos side-by-side. 

See who's collaborating on a project in the top right, and on the timeline


The feature is currently in beta. Owners of WeVideo for Schools accounts can activate real-time collaboration for teachers and students by logging into WeVideo (detailed instructions below).

WeVideo’s Chief Education Officer, Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad, said, “Real-time collaboration is a core part of every career field and subject discipline. The same holds true for the classroom. More than ever, learning should be part of a social context, as learners collectively rely on each other’s thinking to solve complex problems and create. No matter what subject or concept we teach, collaboration is a crucial component of blended learning.” 

He added, “When students engage in real-time collaboration, they experience the following (both in-person or at home):

  • Higher ownership and investment in the project
  • Increased efficiency and productivity, which means they can channel cognitive energy into creative processes
  • An increase in their individual and collective efficacy
  • More control over the time, place, path, or pace of learning. 
  • The ability to collectively work together in a blended/remote context 
  • Opportunities to build necessary skills of teamwork and cooperative learning as a part of project based learning.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways educators teach and students learn. While some students have returned to schools for in-person learning, others are still fully remote and some are doing blended learning, a combination of in-person and remote learning.

No matter what the subject or concept is, collaboration is a key component of blended learning. Work together. Learn new skills together. Get creative together.  What will you and your students create using real-time collaboration in our video editor

Owners: How to activate real-time collaboration

The WeVideo administrator for your account needs to sign in. Then complete these steps:

  1. Click the Admin menu in the top navigation bar.
  2. In the Global account settings tab, turn on real-time collaboration access to grant your organization early access to this beta feature.

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