3 Tips to Record Better Videos

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Mobile devices have become the go-to video recorder for most people. With the cameras in phones becoming better and better why wouldn’t you use your mobile devices to capture video? Check out these tips to help you make the most out of your phone’s camera.

1. Keep shots short

No one wants to sit through 8 hours of continuous video so keep the shots short. Take 10-12 seconds of footage per action and then move to a different location or angle. This will give you an array of shots you can then use when editing your video. Changing shots every 3-5 seconds keeps the pace of your video interesting and with a good flow.

Record Better Video Keep Shorts Short

2. Stabilize

Shaky video looks amateur and it’s can be easy to lose interest in the video if there is nothing to focus on. Before you click record, get comfortable and grab the camera with both hands. Open your stance and place your elbows close to your body. This will help you get a stable shot, as you’ll ultimately act as the tripod for the camera. If you are shooting at an odd angle, try using a chair or even the wall as an added stabilization point.

Record Better Video Stabilize

3. Zoom with your feet

If you want to capture a close-up of something on the other side of the room, get as physically close as you can and then start recording. Digital zoom crops and enlarges an image which degrades the quality and resolution of the image. If you have an analog zoom, feel free to experiment, but try not to zoom in and zoom out while recording, it can be disorienting.

Record Better Video Zoom with Feet


Just in case you need a reminder – Try to capture your footage horizontally. When you shoot vertically you will get those pesky black bars on both sides when you watch it on anything other than your phone. TV’s, movie theaters, and computer screens all display horizontally, so make the most out of this and fill the whole viewing space by flipping your phone or camera.

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