Motion Titles–The Right Words for the Job

November 13, 2017 / By

It is easy to overlook just how many ingredients go into a great video. The most obvious, of course, are the elements we see–the video clips, photos and effects that are the foundation of video. Recently we devoted a blog post to improving the second element–the things you hear.
Now we want to bring your attention to a third vital component–the things we read. Earlier this year WeVideo introduced motion titles. Currently available to premium subscribers of the WeVideo web and iOS apps, motion titles are a game changer for movie makers and digital storytellers.
If you are just getting started with motion titles, you might want to check out this support page, which is a great introduction to the feature and will help you jump right in.  And fall is a perfect time to put this feature to use, thanks to the special holiday motion titles packages we put together to accent your projects.
We plan to offer additional theme packs throughout the year, so be sure to keep an eye out for special seasonal additions at no extra charge.
Motion titles are a great way for anyone to put their personal mark on their videos. The applications of motion titles are endless. Just like a fingerprint makes our handwriting unique, motion titles are a creative outlet that let the video maker add that extra something unique. They can be as brief as a few word announcement, a stamp that puts your personal “brand” on a video, or an integral part of a complete digital story.
Motion titles can set the tone of the video to follow. Something fast-paced with lots of motion shouts “fun!” Something slower and more dramatic can introduce important ceremonies, in memoriam videos, and other weightier activities.
Motion titles are perfect for all kinds of schools and business information activities. For example, announcement videos take on new life with great titles and help to make sure important information is not only heard but seen.
Motion titles are ideal for videos destined for social media. One of the most popular techniques in use today is to overlay text over video that describes the action. Platforms like Facebook automatically play videos as users scroll by them, but there is no audio until the person clicks. Motion titles can help convey your message without requiring the viewer to take an action. Lower thirds can augment the action of the video or layer additional information such as a call to action.
We call them titles, but of course, motion titles can be used anywhere in a video. Let’s see what you can do with them! Check out this video from our team featuring motion titles: