Exclusive Features Come to WeVideo for Microsoft Windows

September 20, 2017 / By

No matter what platform or combination of devices your school relies on, WeVideo’s powerful cloud-based video editing helps you and your students do great creative work without limitations. Sometimes, however, a new platform creates a very special opportunity.
As promised when WeVideo was revealed by Microsoft at ISTE 2017 as one of the premier applications for the new Microsoft Windows experience for K-12 classrooms, we’ve been hard at work to add some special capabilities to the WeVideo app for Windows. In addition to the highest levels of security and privacy required for inclusion in the Microsoft Education Apps Store, and deep Office 365 integration, WeVideo has developed two special features available only to WeVideo MIcrosoft Windows app users:

  1. By now most education users are familiar with WeVideo’s revolutionary JumpStart™ technology that enables you to instantly begin editing locally stored media without waiting for the files to upload to the Cloud. Our Windows app adds an additional speed and convenience feature with the ability to upload media to the Cloud in the background, even after closing the app. This means you can open the app, start your uploads, and then close the app. The media used in the project will continue to upload automatically while you move onto other tasks.
  2. WeVideo has taken full advantage of the notification capabilities of Windows. Now when a finished video is fully rendered and ready to be shared, a Windows system notification will pop up alerting the user that their video is published. Engaging with the notification will take the user directly to where their video can be viewed. A badge will also appear on the app icon to further alert users that their video is done.

Both these features are available immediately to WeVideo Windows app users. Keep an eye out for more exclusive features coming to Windows 10S!