Create a video Christmas card

December 13, 2016 / By

It’s that time of the year: Santa shows up in your local shopping mall, every tree in your neighborhood lights up and friends and family sum up their year in a long holiday card. Instead of sending the traditional holiday card that might get lost in the mail, send a joyful video greeting with some of your best memories from 2016! WeVideo’s themes let you create professional videos fast and easy, and in this blog post I am going to show you how I created my season’s greeting this year.
You can apply a theme in both Timeline and Storyboard mode, depending on how complex you want the video to be. I wanted to use layers in my video, so I chose Timeline.
First you have to select a theme by clicking on the “Themes tab” in the upper left corner. Our library consists of more than 30 different themes, so even if “Season’s Greetings” isn’t your style, you have other options. The checkboxes below the theme description let you decide if you want to use the soundtrack, transitions and captions that come with the theme.
After applying the theme, it’s time to start editing! All our themes come with a title card and end credits. To add them to your video, simply click on the text tab, select “Theme text” and drag and drop to your timeline:
Start adding the media you want to include in your video. Timeline mode lets you use several layers, which opens up the opportunity to use green screen, layers of text and effects such as picture-in-picture, also known as The Brady Bunch effect:
Wrap your video in red and green by double-clicking on your video clip and select “Lower third”:
Before you hit the Finish button, don’t forget to sign your card before sharing it with your family and friends:
Click here to download PDF