Newly Reimagined Video Editing App for Android

May 27, 2015 / By

Android Video EditingThe original WeVideo Video Editor Android app reached more than 2 million downloads from the Google Play store. We believe that the Android platform has grown into a full-blown mobile production studio for all storytellers, enabling video creation anywhere, anytime.
With that, we are excited to introduce the newly reimagined WeVideo Video Editor. Built from the ground up, the app is elegant and very easy to use. The goal while building it was to make video storytelling inviting and inclusive – not a technical limitation.

The Android Lollipop update allowed our developers to create a fluid and intuitive interface and Google’s material design language makes the actions and transitions within the video editing app smooth and three-dimensional. Our hope is that this new design makes video creation uncomplicated and simple enough for a user of any skill level to get started.
Beyond the design, the app introduces two new features, not yet seen in the WeVideo Android app and often at the top of the wish lists of our mobile users. Local device rendering lets you create and produce a video without the need for an Internet connection and voice narration allows creators to add another important dimension to their video storytelling.

Over the last few weeks, our Android development team has been hard at work bringing you this major update. It’s been exciting and challenging, involving a lot of people, long hours, and extraordinary teamwork. We hope you have a chance to try out the new app, now available in the Google Play store, and let us know what you think.
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