How to Make Great Videos, Even If You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

December 4, 2012 / By

With so many portable devices shooting video these days, it’s no wonder that videos are a regular part of life. We’ve all got footage whether it’s family vacations videos, instructional videos or special events with friends, but what do you do with all those videos? Sure, that video of your recent outing is awesome (to you) but it’s four minutes long, and could be improved with a little selective shortening, transitions, text, inserts and maybe even some music. If only there were a simple way to edit your videos… well, now there is!
WeVideo Storyboard Editor

WeVideo’s “Super Simple” Video Editor

WeVideo’s new “super simple” video editor was created to make video editing simple, whether you have editing experience or not, and it works from any online computer. Don’t know how to edit video? You’re not alone – WeVideo surveyed 100,000 of our users and found that 79% of them had “little to no video editing experience,” so we made this new editor to make it as easy as possible. The simple new WeVideo editor is available starting today on YouTube and in the Chrome Web Store.
WeVideo Editing Experience

It’s Collaborative

Want to use those video clips that your friends shot at your birthday? WeVideo lets her easily share those video clips with you in “the cloud.” You can now use her clips in your video.

WeVideo Upload FilesIt Finds Your Videos

Video files aren’t always stored on your computer, sometimes you may have uploaded them directly to Facebook or Google Drive, but that’s okay. WeVideo makes it easy for you to get your video and pictures from your accounts across the web, like Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Flickr and Dropbox.

It Gives You the “Look”

When you’re finished with your video, pick a theme to give your video that special “look.” Choose from fourteen Themes like Punk Rock, Vintage, White Wedding and even Noir. Themes stylize the final look of each video, giving it thematic music, titles, transitions and more, all with the click of a button.

WeVideo Themes

It Makes Sharing Easy

When you’re finished editing your video, WeVideo makes it easy to export your video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even directly to your Google Drive account. You can share with the world or keep your video private to share with a select few.
We hope you enjoy our new simple editor. We’re proud of it and it means a lot to us that you’re using it! Happy editing everyone!
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