Improvements to WeVideo for Google Drive

September 4, 2012 / By

WeVideo is introducing some exciting improvements to WeVideo for YouTube and Google Drive.

New themes

Add style to your videos in an instant by applying a WeVideo Theme.  Themes apply color correction and music with a single click.
Updated WeVideo Themes

Record a video on the spot

Record a video on your webcam with our new in-app recording function!  It’s a great way to add a personal intro to your video before sharing it. To record a video, click on “Add media.”

WeVideo Record a Video

Smart Timeline

WeVideo is making the timeline smart. Now you no longer have to manually zoom to get the overview on the timeline when adding clips or moving clips. The timeline adjusts automatically when dropping clips to the timeline or when changing the order of the clips on the timeline.
We also added “Fit to width” when you double-click the zoom icon. The timeline will fit all the clips on the timeline.
WeVideo Smart Timeline

More audio control

If you want to lower the music while someone is talking or make it louder at that big moment, that’s no problem!  You can now adjust the volume of your audio tracks up or down at any point during your video.
WeVideo Audio Control

Clean up when needed

Cleaning up unwanted files is simple. Drag and drop the video clips and items you no longer need to the trash can.
WeVideo Delete From Timeline

More font choices

There are now more options to customize your video text. Those include font style, color, and size.
WeVideo Colors and Fonts

New transitions

WeVideo is introducing two new transitions:  Dip to black and Dip to white. With this effect, the left clip fades to black (or white), and then the right clip fades in from black (or white).
WeVideo New Transitions

Easier to learn

WeVideo now gives the user more feedback when hovering over icons, so it’s easier to understand actions that you can perform.
In addition to these exciting new improvements, our engineers have been hard at work fixing bugs that you have brought to our attention.  All of which will ensure a more enjoyable video creation process.
We hope you are as excited as we are about these updates and we look forward to hearing your feedback!
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