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Social Media Engagement with Video: Connecting with Consumers

/ Nikolay Tchaouchev

Video Word CloudBrand managers are finding it increasingly difficult to rely on traditional media communication to reach their target consumers. Between the fragmentation of media choices, DVR-forwarding through commercial breaks, and decreasing TV viewing, reach has become much less predictable.
Leading brand managers have already run experiments with social media, to test the communication power of their own customers' referrals. However, this has largely been limited to simple Likes, Tweets and Shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The richness of TV has been largely absent.
Social video engagement allows brand managers to harness the creativity of their consumers to extend their brand reach using the power of video.
Picture two scenarios:
A leading global entertainment company launches a new movie. In advance of the release date, the company uses a social video engagement platform to provide limited movie footage, a few soundtracks and the credits of the movie online. It enables people to create their own 90-second movie trailers that they can share with their friends.

Outcome: Thousands of movie trailers created, shared with hundreds of thousands of friends, and viewed millions of times.... before any advertising budget has been spent.

An innovative consumer devices manufacturer launches a new product. It couples the launch with a competition to encourage customers to shoot, edit and share their best moments using its product. The company uses a social video engagement platform to allow customers to post up their own videos, edit them, and share amongst other like-minded passionate customers.

Outcome: Several thousand videos created and edited online showing the product used by real people, on a scale that proves early adoption of that product - and rapid acceleration in demand as those videos are shared and watched millions of times thereafter...

WeVideo provides a platform for social video engagement. Get in touch with us to explore how you can harness it for the good of your brand.
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