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Remote video production 101: Create great marketing videos from home

/ Nitesh Dutt

Many, if not all, of us have gotten used to working remotely over the better part of this year. Most of us have found it easy to do our work outside of offices or normal workplaces, but what about the creative marketers out there? Specifically video creators. How have they found a way to create stellar marketing videos from their homes without the use of studios and, most importantly, people? 

From an easy-to-use video editor to green screen to gimbals, marketers are finding ways to continue creating despite restraints.

3 videos to easily create while working remotely

Keep a steady shot



You aren’t working on a Wes Craven film or another rendition of The Fast and The Furious so there’s no need for shaky camera work. There are several ways to keep your camera steady during a shoot. You can prop your camera up on a stool or books or use a tripod if filming a still shot. If you’re technically inclined, get yourself a gimbal that’ll let you get that action shot without being shaky. 

The right light is key



Finding the right lighting is important when shooting anything. If outdoors or by a window, this could be sunlight. Otherwise, a ring light or LED light could be the way to go. The right lighting eliminates shadows and provides enough brightness to help viewers focus their attention. If you’re using a background or green screen, make sure it is well-lit to avoid shadows.

Get your audio up



You create to be heard, so why create a video with bad audio? Audio from your camera can be enough if you’re close enough to it and is pretty good for picking up natural sound. When working further away from the camera, USB shotguns or condenser mics are great solutions and lav mics are best for consistent audio. With WeVideo, you get Audio Boost if all else fails. Raise the audio in your clips up to 500x the original volume. 

Video hacks with Max

Go anywhere with green screen



Sure, most of us are stuck at home and have been there for almost a year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t escape to another world. With green screen, you can create a video and go anywhere you want. Make it seem like you’re in the mountains, in space or in a completely new universe. You can even use green screen to pull off some pretty cool tricks like in the video above from Brandon Fate. 

The Cloud is your friend

You’re working from home but you don’t have to be stuck at home. With WeVideo being a cloud-based video editor, all you need is a laptop or mobile device to shoot, edit and share anything you create. Work and create remotely with WeVideo, but don’t be stuck at home tied to a desktop.

30 quick and easy video marketing ideas

With these tips and, a few, tricks, it’s time to go out... well, stay in and start creating.