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Personal training turns to video in the age of social distancing

/ Nitesh Dutt

For as long as there's been gyms and fitness, there has been personal training. Personal trainers are the lifeline of many fitness and studio gyms (Orangetheory, 9Round, SoulCycle, etc.) that specialize in all types of workouts.  

With the world in its current state of shelter and gyms closed, fitness fanatics are looking for ways to stay on track, and trainers are trying to keep their clientele happy and healthy. As needs change and in-person training limited, many trainers have taken their training online with the help of video exercises.

"I hadn't thought of online training." Manuel Regidor, a trainer at Core Total Fitness in San Carlos, California, wasn't quick to jump on the online training trend, but COVID-19 did make him adjust his plans. 

"I've seen people make workout videos on YouTube and Instagram, but I hadn't thought of making any, let alone training anyone online before our current situation came to be."

The thought of online training may not have been the first choice for Regidor, but he has since adjusted to the new normal that he and his clients are facing. He's also come to find some benefits for those that may not like crowded gyms.

"One major benefit that I've seen is that you are in the comfort of your own home." It goes beyond being comfortable in your home, "some people get anxiety at a gym because they think people are looking around and judging them. Well, in this case, the only two things watching you are your online personal trainer and your pet!"

There are some challenges to online personal training. Lack of equipment and an inability to see clients perform exercises from all angles are just a few of the hurdles. But, Regidor is adamant that it can be done with three easy tips to follow. 

"All you need is some space, a good attitude, and an open mind!"

Nobody knows how long the shelter in place will last or when gyms and fitness studios will reopen. Still, personal trainers and their clients can stay connected with a smartphone to film workouts, an easy to use video editor like WeVideo and a platform like YouTube.