Digital Storytelling: My Foodie Vacation

April 28, 2015 / By

We’ve all been there. You get back from your vacation and you realize you took nearly 1,000 pictures and video clips! How did that happen?
Your family and friends don’t want to sit through a slideshow of all 1,000 snaps. That could take all day! Take a look at all of those memories and look for a common theme. Did you see a lot of wildlife or flora? Perhaps you frequented a lot of historical landmarks. Pull out the highlights of the theme you decide on and make an impactful video that tells a story about your experience on your vacation.
In this example, Devin wanted to show off all of the amazing food he ate while visiting San Francisco, California.

Devin saw and did lots of things while visiting The Golden Gate City but his delicious meals really stuck out. The star of the video is the food but with picture-in-picture type collages and title cards and captions we actually see a lot more of the trip without spending the whole day flipping through picture after picture.
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