How to create a music video

/ Max Thorpe

Following the fantastic feedback from last week's featured video of the week, Max and Tyler interview the creator, High School Music Teacher Albert Dam. Albert provides a behind-the-scenes look at his timeline and provides valuable tips to help anyone, from a novice to a pro, create their own music video. He explains how he begins by compiling each individual audio file from everyone in the school band, and then mixing the sound to create one .MP3 file. Next, he imports that file into a new WeVideo project and begins adding all of the visual portions of the music video in what becomes over 25 video tracks. You can check out the complete interview with Albert here. Stick around after the interview to watch Max and Tyler break down his process while showing how to edit the audio gain, syncing audio tracks and adding markers. Finally, the Tuesday Tips duo wraps things up with this week's featured video.