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How to make a Halloween slideshow in minutes

/ Kristen Sato

Making a Halloween slideshow is so easy, it’s scary. Forget the fancy equipment. You don’t even need actual video footage to make a slideshow. All you need are your photos, our video editor, and a dash of creativity. Let’s get spooky!

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1: Choose a Halloween template or start from scratch

In a rush or need some inspiration to get started? Start with a Halloween template, complete with sound effects, music and text.

From your Dashboard, click Browse all > Library > Seasonal to choose your template. Then, upload your photos and customize the sound effects, music or text to your liking. Jump to step #6 to export and finish your video! 

Starting from scratch? From your Dashboard, start a new edit and choose your format.

2: Upload your photos

You can import your photos from your computer or your mobile device, and directly from sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and more. If you’re on a mobile device, upload your photos using the WeVideo app for iPhone or Android, then continue editing with our full-featured web app on your laptop or desktop.

3: Add motion with animation

Our video editor offers tons of customization options for your Halloween slideshow. One way to easily add motion to your photos is to use the Ken Burns Effect, where panning and zooming create the effect of a camera recording video footage. Just drag and drop your photos to the timeline. You’ll have the option to add Ken Burns Effect animation to all of your photos or individually.

4: Add text with motion titles

Choose from Halloween titles (ghosts, zombies, bats, oh my!) or from a wide range of others that let you add single and multiple lines of text.

5. Set it all to music

Every WeVideo account includes a library of premium music for you to use. If you have a Professional or Business subscription, you can search and use over 1 million pieces of commercial stock media, including licensed music. 

Halloween GIF

6: Export and share

Congrats, ghouls and gals… your Halloween slideshow is complete! Choose your final resolution and export directly to Google Drive, YouTube and more. You’ll also be able to share your video page link, embed your video directly into your website, download the file, or share to social media.

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