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Introducing: Our Updated WeVideo Classroom Editor

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Colorful banner announcing updates made to the WeVideo Classroom editor.

Good news, WeVideo educators – we’ve made a few changes to our video editor in WeVideo Classroom (including adding new features for your students 😏). Take a look at what’s changed.

1. Minor reorganization of features

We shifted a couple of things to make room for future features!

WeVideo Classroom editor, indicating where Levels, Undo/Redo, Timestamp, and Zoom have been moved to.

  1. Levels and Undo/Redo have shifted to the left and become part of the Editing toolbar.
  2. Timestamp and the Zoom slider have shifted to the far right, directly under your preview screen.

2. NEW: Filters

The Filters menu in WeVideo Classroom.Enjoy the same glorious selection of filters available in the Personal space and use them in WeVideo assignments!

3. NEW: Grid & Snap

The Clip editor in WeVideo Classroom, indicating where new features, Grid & Snap, are located.Similarly, we’ve added Grid & snap to the Classroom editor. Just select a clip on your Timeline, then click Edit clip on the Editing toolbar.

Use Grid & snap to finetune the alignment of footage or other layers that are added onto the clip.

FAQs about the updated WeVideo Classroom editor

1. Why are you changing WeVideo Classroom?

Our goal is always to give you and your students the best WeVideo experience possible. These minor changes are meant to do just that. Stay tuned – many more updates to come!

2. Will this affect past or current assignments?

No, all existing projects will be unaffected.

3. Did the Personal space change?

Yes. Please see Introducing: Our New WeVideo Editor to learn more about what’s changed in the video editor of that space.