What’s holding you back?

/ Lise Framstad

We have millions of users that sign up for our free account every year. We created this product to allow anyone to get started with WeVideo and learn to create amazing storytelling videos. It’s been a huge success. However, over and over again, we see educators use the free version in the classroom. We highly discourage this, and here is why;


As an educator, you know that introducing a new cloud-based tech tool may not be the most popular news among parents for a good reason. Many products are not meant for use in K-12 classrooms and their privacy settings may not provide a safe environment for the students. Like humans, all companies have to make money to survive, and unfortunately, some companies get that profit by sharing your personal information. WeVideo is not like that. We have to make money, but protecting student data is extremely important to us! To ensure that minors are fully protected, we highly encourage schools to implement the full classroom package of WeVideo.
The full version of WeVideo for education comes with advanced privacy controls. If the student’s account is created by a teacher, the teacher must first obtain parental consent. After setting up the account, the students will collaborate in a secured cloud environment and all the content they create is protected. We take privacy seriously and are proud to share that the full version of WeVideo for Schools is fully compliant with the FERPA and COPPA rules and guidelines and we have also signed the Student Privacy Pledge. To learn more about our privacy policy, click here.

More storage, more publishing time

Upgrading to the full version gives you more storage and more publishing time. With more storage and publishing time, you don’t have to limit yourself. Is your class going on a field trip next week? Make a memorable video of it! Instead of sending out that weekly plan in black and white, why don’t you add some music and fun graphics to illustrate what exciting stuff your students can expect for the week to come?

Or maybe your school is planning a theme night and would like to share the exciting schedule with students and their families? Check out what Joey from Sunnyside USD created when his school was hosting a Star Wars night.

Project-based learning

Group projects are fun and challenge the students to work together as a team. Edutopia defines project-based learning as “a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge.” WeVideo lets the students (and teachers) work together on the same video project where each of the group members will have a chance to make edits, provide feedback and add markers to explain their thoughts throughout the video creation process. The teacher will also have access to an analytics tool that will provide useful insight, such as how much time a student spends in the editor or how much they have uploaded. To avoid confusion, only one student can edit the video at a time. When one student is editing the video, the other group members will be locked out of the edit. However, if a student is inactive for a longer time, the teacher can step in and unlock the video project. Watch this video to learn more about collaborative projects:

Engaged students, better results!

With a full version of WeVideo, you'll also have access to advanced features such as screencasting, slow-mo, fast mo and our favorite: chroma-key (green screen). By switching out the background (which does not have to be green), you can place yourself on a sunny beach in Spain, dance next to your parents in their old home video from the late 80’s or be the main character in a cartoon; your imagination sets the limit! With the full version, you can also create helpful tutorials for your students or coworkers by using screen capture. The best part? These features work excellent on low-powered devices such as Chromebooks!

Inspired? Video editing is fun and WeVideo makes it easy for students of all ages to express what they’ve learned through creative video editing. With the video projects stored in the cloud, the students can access their work on any device, anywhere at any time! If you or your students would like to continue their work from home, you don’t have to worry about having access to a software or the right authorized computer at home, they can simply log in from their own computer or mobile device. Remember, inspired and engaged students leads to better results!
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