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Video newsletter: Make 2020 your year of video creation

/ Nitesh Dutt

Happy New Year! Let’s make this year the year of video!

Winter break is over, your back in school and some students have returned to class with a brand new phone, which usually spells trouble for educators.

But what are they doing on that phone? Well, TikTok-ing, of course. Wondering what TikTok is? Well, my buddy Max (yes, from Video hacks with Max and TikTok: What does it mean for marketers?) describes it as “a social media app that primarily consists of short 15-second video loops, largely used by the teenage demographic.” 

What does that have to do with you making 2020 the year of video? 

If your students are creating, consuming, and sharing TikToks or other forms of media, it’s only right to use it as a way to engage with them in your classroom.

Video has become a hugely important part of education and it’s what this newsletter is about. We’ll give you tips on how to engage your students, we highlight educator Jennifer Eggert an Innovative Learning Coach at DuJardin Elementary School, plus the latest from Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad on why video creation is a powerful assessment tool.

Speaking of TikTok, of course, I was going to get back to that, what are some of your favorite teacher TikTok accounts to follow? If you’re not on TikTok, here are some teachers to follow for some inspiration:

@laurenjadecresWhat teachers really do when the students go to related arts... #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ Tori and Adrians Dance Challenge - torimckool

Here are a few hashtags to get you started and get even more inspiration: #teachersoftiktok, #tiktokteacher and #teacherlife

Now you can get out there and start creating with your students to make 2020 your year of video!