The importance of educator communities

/ Jeremie Gluckman

what's your story

It was an overcast afternoon in Guiyang, China. The classroom felt like a huge auditorium, cold concrete, and I was minuscule on stage in front of dozens and dozens of students. I’ll never forget my first-day teaching. It was terrifying! 

To succeed I didn’t go it alone. We had regular professional development sessions and we constantly shared resources online. In my quest to highlight my students and share their voice I stumbled upon video creation and had them record essays and projects. 

Fast forward to WeVideo where I now manage our community of educators. This is the tool I wish I had! 

Hand in hand with our WeVideo Education Ambassadors, I’ve had the privilege of building the WeVideo Creator Community. At every step, I’ve been so inspired by our community of teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders committed to deeper learning, communication, voice, and authenticity. 

Together we’re building a movement for creativity in the classroom!

In the WeVideo Creator Community we aim to create a space where we can become better teachers and grow as leaders together. When you join you can:

  1. Become a WeVideo Certified Educator: Aligned with ISTE Standards for Teachers, WeVideo Certifications are designed to deepen your practice, promote collaboration with peers, and challenge you to rethink traditional approaches.
  2. Explore fun tasks and redeem rewards: As a WeVideo Creator, you gain access to fun activities, training, lively conversations, and epic rewards. When you join you’ll be taken on a journey from a novice to expert creator and can contribute to causes you care about.
  3. Share resources with peers:  Answer questions and contribute to discussions, offer feedback on our product and submit content to our Ideas Hub. The community is the best channel for all things WeVideo for Schools.
  4. Connect with our ambassadors: When you join the community you get to chat with leaders across the globe. And you’ll get to know our WeVideo Education Ambassadors!

When I was teaching in China, one of my business students who started the year completely uninterested ran up to me after my last class of term exclaiming, “Thank you, Jeremie, I feel more confident than ever!” These are the moments we live for. 

Can’t wait to hear #WhatsYourStory and much more in the WeVideo Creator Community. See you there!