A message from teachers to students they miss

/ Crystal Crozier

Crystal Crozier is an elementary school teacher at Early County Elementary School in southwest Georgia. She put together a video for students which garnered attention from a news station 40 miles away in Dothan, Alabama.

We live in a rural, southwest Georgia community, and we only have one elementary, one middle, and one high school. We are missing our students, and we’ve seen the teacher parades happening that boost staff and student morale. This is not a logical thing for us to do as our positive COVID-19 and deaths are increasing daily in our area–not to mention the miles we would have to travel. Some students live in the country across the county. We are not a school in a neighborhood or subdivision. That said, I wanted to find a way for our teachers to reach out to students, so I had them send me quick videos of themselves wishing their students well. This is what I came up with using WeVideo, and our principal shared it on our school’s Facebook page.

The news outlet (40 miles away) got wind of it after it got several thousand views, which is a big deal for our area, and I was even interviewed about it. I think it turned out well.

Below is the story from WTVY in Dothan, Alabama:

Early Co. teachers let students know they are missed through video

Early County teachers get creative to tell their students how much they miss them