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We believe Digital Natives will impact how we communicate and tell stories in the 21st century. That is why we are so passionate about working with youth in education. We are already seeing how the young cloud-generation is adopting new ways of telling stories.

2013 was the year during which educators and students across the USA truly discovered WeVideo. WeVideo was mentioned in both the keynote speech and across a number of other presentations at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)’s annual conference last June. Since the conference the growth of the number of schools using WeVideo has greatly accelerated, now surpassing 5,000 schools in the USA alone.

Increased quality of youth stories

This growth has been accompanied by an ever greater number of creative, smart and touching videos made by students across elementary, middle and high schools. Below we feature a story made by middle school students Chloe Slayter, Malia Simon, and Matthew Richardson from Paulding Middle School in California. You will be impressed, particularly with how the authenticity of their messages shines through their storytelling, and how creative they are in exploring the very contemporary topic of bullying with the use of video, language, and even face-painting. Seeing quality videos such as the below fully justifies all the years we have spent building WeVideo.  Before WeVideo, youth storytellers could never have afforded access to dedicated editing equipment, or the significant investment of time required to master these tools, our easy-to-use cloud-based creation platform has opened up video storytelling to all kids.

We are giving today’s youth the ability to tell their stories anywhere, anytime. In the process, our students develop the multiliteracies and other 21st-Century Skills needed to empower them to become global citizens.

WeVideo has been listening to your feedback

WeVideo has evolved to meet the needs of video storytellers, educators and other communicators around the world. Indeed, the WeVideo service has been improved with each monthly release. We can confidently say that if you have not used WeVideo in a year and take a look today you will audibly say WOW. Here is how we have improved the service over the last year:

Administrative support:

  • Private and secure “Walled Garden” Privacy is not only important to businesses, but also to public education. For example, many districts have strict usage policies on how student faces, names, etc. can be used online. In 2013, WeVideo introduced a private and secure “Walled Garden” for organizations where default behavior only allows creators to share their videos within the Walled Garden. In the Walled Garden, only an administrator can authorize the publishing of a video to the outside world.
  • Enhanced multi-level account administration capabilities We enhanced Administrator Controls by adding a control panel by which administrators can manage users, settings, and permissions. We also added approval of final videos before viewing, as well as a Video Gallery for broader sharing of projects within a creator’s organization or school.
  • Simplified management and deployment in Google environments Deployment of WeVideo in Google environments got a major overhaul in 2013. WeVideo now supports Google+ Single Sign-On (SSO), and can now automatically handle WeVideo permissions based on information already in Google Admin. This capability allows IT administrators to provision users from Google Admin, and to keep all organization structures and user information updated and accessible in one place.


  • Editing modes We added Storyboard Editing Mode to supplement Timeline Editing Mode to give novice users with no editing experience an easy way to tell their stories. This adaptive interface allows creators to move seamlessly between three levels based on their experience and familiarity with video editing.
  • Themes Another big achievement was the addition of One-Click Styling of videos, including grading, transitions, titles and lower thirds. WeVideo now comes with 26 unique high-quality visual themes.
  • Auto-save Don’t worry about saving anymore: all video work is now automatically saved every 30 seconds after each action in the background.
  • Improved text handling We added more creative text control, such as formatting, supported internationalized text input and the ability to add and remove title and end clips. We are finalizing text handling with revamped advanced text and annotation being added at the end of this month.
  • Ken Burns and transformations We completely redesigned the Ken Burns still-image effect from scratch, and made it a lot more user-friendly. We also added advanced transform controls that are now available in all editing modes. This allows you to crop, rotate and scale images and videos.
  • Multi-language support We made our editor global by supporting eight languages:  English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Japanese and Arabic. More languages will come in 2014.
  • Inline Video Help We brought more than fifty video tutorials inside the editor. You can now simply type in your issue, and context-relevant help videos will be recommended.
  • Audio level control for Storyboard Editing mode We added our audio level control functionality to our Storyboard Editing mode.
  • Ripple Edit More complex editing requires a Ripple Editing function. We have now added this functionality.

Media management and project work:

  • The WeVideo Hub (HTML5) We have now given our users a completely new place to collaborate, organize and share their projects and media. We have also created a public video page for easy sharing, complete with a customizable embed code.
  • Support for new media formats We added support for more than 50 new video codecs in 2013. You will no longer have to worry about support for new video formats.
  • Brand new exporter We have added a new exporter service that features not only better quality but also better performance: it is 2-3 times faster than our previous version.
  • WeVideo Academy We launched 50 WeVideo tutorials and tips on our easily accessible YouTube video channel.

Extended ecosystem:

  • Cloud Service integration With this new function you can now import content from third-party cloud storage and media sites such as Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, and SkyDrive.
  • Smartphone and tablet capturing and editing – You can now edit on-the-go with your Android Smartphones, such as the Galaxy S4, and Tablets, such as the Nexus 7.
  • Offline editing on Google Chrome OS We have just launched WeVideo Next, our first HTML5 editor. 2014 will see a good amount of the current functionality of our Flash Editor added to our emerging WeVideo Next platform.

Students Collaborating WeVideo

We want to be a long-term partner in Education

WeVideo provides free personal accounts for students and teachers for use in Schools and Districts. Our premium Education version provides:

  • Administrative control over student and teacher WeVideo accounts across the school/district
  • A secure “Walled Garden” for collaborative online video creation
  • Premium features like collaboration and media/project organization for students and teachers
  • Simplified deployment within a Google Applications environment
  • Access to student usage and analytics (reporting)

Try before you buy

No worries! We provide a free trial of WeVideo for Schools service during which you can try out our platform with five users at no cost for one month.

Paid subscription for our platform can be either semi-annual and annual. Our entry level subscription serves 50 users and includes 20GB of shared content storage and 2 hours of monthly video export time. This service is available for just $149 per semester, or $249 per year ($5 per user). It’s easy to expand your subscription to higher volume and capacity.

The easiest and fastest way to purchase WeVideo for Schools is by credit card on our website. Once that is done you will receive both your access information via email, and instructions on how to immediately start using the platform in the classroom.

For orders of US $500 or more we also accept POs and checks. Due to all the extra manual work required for us to handle POs we will not take POs of less than $500 in order to sustain our low-price educational offering.
To get a quote please contact us by filling out this form, entering the number of desired seats in the description field.

WeVideo coming to a city near you

We love meeting educators and getting your feedback in person. This year we are on the road presenting WeVideo at different cities. Please visit our booths at any of the following shows:

  • FETC January 28-31 at Orlando, Fl – Booth 1211
  • TCEA February 4-7 Austin, TX – Booth 527
  • ASB Unplugged February 27 – March 1st Mumbai India,
  • SXSW Edu March 2-6 at Austin, TX
  • SXSW March 7-16 at Austin, TX
  • SC Midlands Summit June 10-13, SC
  • ISTE June 28-21 at Atlanta, GA – Booth 3514

WeVideo Supports White House Film Festival – And More!

We got really excited when we heard about the White House Student Film Festival where the White House is calling out to K-12 students to submit short movies about the use of technology in the classroom.

To support this festival WeVideo has made a dedicated web page where young film directors using WeVideo, with parental approval, can submit public links to their videos. WeVideo will export the video to Vimeo on a WeVideo account, triggering an email that notifies our young film directors of the Vimeo link they can submit to the White House Film Festival.

By doing this out student auteurs are also entering a second contest, the WeVideo Film Festival, complete with its own prizes. Learn more about the WeVideo Film Festival, and how you can apply.

Thanks for your support

We hope you continue to use the WeVideo platform, and would love to get your feedback on what we can make better and easier to use. We are always listening to what you have to say about WeVideo.

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