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WeVideo helps us deliver quality, exciting experiences that engage our brand's audience.
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Use WeVideo API to fast-track innovation

Drive traffic, engage customers and offer value added services through an embedded online video editor that is integrated with your website and media repository. Use the comprehensive API services to customize and integrate video editing functionality.

How does WeVideo boost online engagement?

WeVideo makes it easy for companies to offer an embedded video editor into their own branded website for crowd-based video remixing. Customers are invited to create a video using brand material such as video clips, soundtracks and graphics. They can then share their creations online to various social media sites, helping to spread the word about the company through online word-of-mouth marketing.

Increase User-Generated Video Content

Imagine thousands of videos created using your brand material, shared with hundreds of thousands of friends, and viewed million times over.... before any advertising budget has been spent.

Our Embedded Video Editor can help you make your customers the perfect brand ambassadors through user generated video.

Work smarter not harder

WeVideo is a cloud-based video creation platform. It's available for use by anyone with access to the Internet, through any browser on any device, without the need for a dedicated and costly On-Premise solution.

WeVideo was designed to be accessible:

  • No installation - no IT Admin required
  • No hosting - no IT staff required to host an On-Premise solution
  • Works anywhere - in a browser at the office, in Starbucks, at home or on-the-go
  • Integrated mobile apps - record and make a quick edit on iOS and Android
  • Handles all media formats - easy upload and automatic conversion of media files
  • Adaptable editing mode - from novices to experienced video editors

Flexible and customizable

Customized WeVideo Collaborative Video Creation Platform;

  • to fit your visual brand profile (logo and colors)

  • to leverage user generated content in addition to internal content creation

  • to control the degrees of freedom you allow your creators to have - limit user uploaded content, video export length and editing functionality etc

  • to brand final videos with watermarks and bumpers and pre-configured media clips the creator can choose from

  • to integrate with user authentication systems and online video destination platforms

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WeVideo provides a collaborative video creation platform. Get in touch with us to explore how you can embed video creation into your solutions.

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