Two hands coming together and holding plant. Green and yellow filter on top of image. White text says Creative Challenge: Celebrate Earth Day!

Creative Challenge: Celebrate Earth Day!

The challenge

This April, we invite students and educators to celebrate environmental sustainability and Earth Day with relevant multimedia projects. Complete any or all of the activities below and submit media for a chance to win prizes! 

Illustration of hands planting flower into the earth.

Animated Graphics

Use WeVideo to create a 30-second digital advertisement for an environmental campaign. Have fun and get creative! Check out this tutorial video to learn how the sharks video was created. 

Digital Advertisement Thumbnail

Science Documentary

Create a 1-2 minute video about an environmental issue you are passionate about. Inform your audience about the problem, why it's important, and what we can do to solve it. Check out this example video for inspiration, and watch this tutorial video to learn how to edit a video in WeVideo

Illustrations of science themed graphics like DNA strand, test tube, molecule, and magnet.

Planet Earth-Style Documentary

Discover the wonders of nature! Create a 1-2 minute film celebrating the rich diversity of life on earth in a style similar to the BBC series Planet Earth. 

Illustrations of animals standing on top of world, including elephant, giraffe, rhinoceros, and flamingo.

Solar System Project

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse crossed North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Help students understand what happened with our brand new solar system project.

Illustration of the solar system.

Assign, create, and submit

Illustration of hands planting flower into the earth.


Assign this activity to students with a single click. Simply sign in to WeVideo and click on the Assignment ideas tab on the left. Then, look for any of the activities listed above.

How to Create an Animated Graphic


Need help getting started? Have your students watch this tutorial to learn how to create the animated graphic above, or check out this more general tutorial video on how to edit a video in WeVideo. For more tutorial videos, check out WeVideo Academy, or have students complete a WeVideo Certification Course

Illustration of laptop with video open and pointer clicking on black Share button.


When your students are finished, share their work to this google form for a chance to win prizes! Sharing to social? Use the hashtag #wevideocreative and tag @wevideo so we can repost!