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WeVideo Certified Creator Course

Lesson 5 of 5: WeVideo Certified Creator Assignment

Congratulations! You’ve completed the learning content for this course. We hope you’ve learned some tips and tricks to elevate your video creations and help you implement media projects and activities in your classroom.

To complete this course and apply for the WeVideo Certified Creator badge, complete this assignment designed to help you solidify and demonstrate your learning from this course. 


Use WeVideo to create a video, no longer than one minute long, responding to one of the prompts below. Use this opportunity to apply your learning from this course, including any tips and tricks that may have been new to you, to create a video that effectively communicates your message. 


  • Create an informational video about a topic of your choice.
  • Create a persuasive video with a call to action.
  • Create a video that serves as an example of what students will create for a media project you plan to implement. 


At minimum, your video should include a clear voice recording, relevant and impactful video clips from the stock media library (and/or your own video clips), text, music (and/or sound effects), and effective use of transitions. 


Check out this one minute video to see an example of a video that demonstrates the skills and meets the criteria to receive a certified creator badge. 



Share to Social:

We encourage you to share your video with our educator community by posting to social with the #WeVideoCreative and tag us @wevideo so we can repost! 

Submission & Follow Up: 

Submit a link to your video via the submission form linked below. Select WeVideo Certified Creator as the course when filling out the form. We will review your video and get back to you within two weeks with either your badge certifying completion, or feedback to improve. 

Next Steps: 

After completing this course (WeVideo Certified Creator), you are ready to move on to the next course in this series, the WeVideo certified educator course, which focuses on designing and implementing media projects in the classroom. Educators who complete all three courses can apply to become WeVideo Ambassadors. Visit to get started on the next course in this series and join our facebook group to connect with other WeVideo educators!