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WeVideo Certified Creator Course

Lesson 3 of 5: Add and Edit Media on the Timeline

Once you’ve gathered your media, it’s time to start editing.

The videos below show you how to add and arrange media on the timeline, trim and split clips, add and edit text, and use transitions for specific storytelling purposes. You'll also learn how to add and edit audio, including music, sound effects, and voice recordings.  As you begin to layer multiple video, audio, and text tracks, it will be helpful to know how to customize the editor. The last video shows you the various ways you can modify the user interface within the editor. 

With these skills under your belt, you'll be ready to make your first video! 

At this point, you have all the skills needed to create a simple video. We recommend you create a short 30-60 second video applying what you've learned so far. For example, you might make a video aligned to one of the assignments below, using one of these prompts: 

  • Create a video introducing yourself
  • Create a video sharing highlights from your summer
  • Create a video introducing content from one of your courses

We'd love to see what you create! We encourage you to share your video to social with the hashtag #WeVideoCreative and tag us @wevideo

You can also check out the assignments below for ideas of how to implement WeVideo in your class. These assignments are a great way to introduce students to the basics of video editing- the same skills you've learned so far- while also building community in your classroom. 


Now that you've learned how to build a sequence with video, text, and audio, it's time to learn how to add visual effects to your video. In the next lesson, you'll learn how to use the features available in the effects panel.