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WeVideo Certified Student Course - Level 2

Course overview

Course Length: 2-3 hours

Welcome to the WeVideo Certified Student Level 2 course. This course is designed for K-12 students and focuses on developing your skills as a video editor and creator. Expect to take about one hour to work through course material, and two hours to create your video. 


This course builds on the skills learned in the WeVideo Certified Student Level 1 course. If you haven't completed the level 1 course, please do so before continuing with this level 2 course. 

Learning Objectives: 

First, you'll learn how to create and gather media in WeVideo. Then, you'll learn how to split and trim clips to build a sequence. Next, you'll learn how to add text, edit audio, and create visual effects with transitions. Finally, you'll learn how to use tools in the effects panel, such as green screen, animation, and color correction. Finally, you'll learn how to publish your videos. 

Course Completion: 

To complete this course, work through the video tutorials below and answer the questions at the end of each video. Once you've completed all of the videos, you'll apply what you learned to create a video as your final assessment. Submit your video to become WeVideo Level 2 certified! 

Lesson: Create amazing videos with WeVideo

This playlist is built using WeVideo's interactive video tool. As you work through the playlist, be sure to answer questions embedded during and/or at the end of videos in the playlist. 

Assignment: Create a video

Congratulations — you’ve completed the learning content for this course!

At this point, you have all the skills needed to create a simple video. To earn your WeVideo Student Creator Level 2 Certification, complete the following assignment. 


Create a short 1-2 minute video applying what you learned in this course. Choose any of the following prompts for your video:

  • Create an informational video about an animal, significant person from history, author, literary character, or environmental issue. 
  • Create a persuasive video with a call-to -action exploring an issue or topic you are passionate about.
  • Create a personal narrative video sharing your unique perspective in a way that is relevant to a broader audience. 


When you finish your video, turn it into your teacher. Your teacher will review your video and distribute badges. 

Note for teachers:

Fill out the submission form linked below to share student videos and receive badges. Teachers can review student videos and distribute badges at their discretion. 

The video creation prompts above align with projects from WeVideo's Assignment Ideas Library that can be easily assigned to students with a single click. Choose one of these assignments, or assign several and let students choose. Assignments that align with the prompts above include: 

  • Informational: Amazing Animals, History Biographies, Black History Month, Women's History Month, Author Study, Literary Character Analysis, Satirical News, Show What You Know
  • Persuasive: Mock Above the Noise, Call for Change, Sell Me Something
  • Personal narrative: The World I Want to Live In, Where I'm From, First Person

Share to Social (optional): 

To share media with the WeVideo creator community, post it to social with the hashtag #WeVideoCreative and tag @WeVideo.